BEISU Factory HDPE Plastic Powder Grinder Mill PE Pulverizer Machine

Application of HDPE powder pulverizer : The high-speed and high-efficiency pulverizer manufactured by Beisu Machinery is especially suitable for TPU, LLDPE, PVC, PE, PET, EVA, PP, PA, rubber, and various rigid, soft, elastomer, low-temperature materials, and film materials. , Sheet thermoplastic materials. According to the classification of the grinding materials, the mills are mainly divided into two categories: rotor (turbine) mills and disc mills.



The working principle of HDPE powder pulverizer:
The high-speed rotation of the grinding disc driven by the main shaft of the plastic pulverizer collides with the fixed cutter disc, cutting the material into powder (without sieve). The ground fine powder is brought into the vibrating screen along with the circulating air of the blower for sorting. The coarse material falls back to regrind, and the qualified fine powder enters the finished product storage with the cyclone and is discharged through the powder outlet pipe. That is the finished product. The air is discharged from the dust collector.

The core patents of HDPE powder pulverizer:
A1: Grinding chamber; Cutter head and grinding disc are air-cooled and water-cooled, especially suitable for processing thermoplastic materials;

A2: Transmission device of the pulverizer; Adopts European-style belt wheel, high-speed operation is not loose, and it is more convenient for daily maintenance;

A3: Pulverizer blade; PVC cutter head is made of wear-resistant steel material, special tooth shape design, double the service life; the frequency of use of the cutter head is determined according to the material, usually grinding to 400 tons needs to be replaced. (Depending on the blade wear condition); PE/PET/LDPE/ABS/EVA/PC/FIBER grinding disc adopts SKD-11; tungsten steel;stainless steel whole plate material, special tooth shape design, double service life; cutter head The frequency of use is determined according to the material, and usually the grinding powder to 400 tons needs to be replaced. (It depends on the wear of the blade);

A4: Mill knife adjustment system; Combined with German technology, taking into account the convenience of customers, the knife adjustment of the cutter needs to remove the movable cutter disc, add or subtract washers, and adjust the disc clearance to ensure that there is no abnormal noise; The adjustment knife is distributed outside the grinding disc. According to the thickness of different materials, the bolts outside the grinding disc are adjusted at the same time. After the nuts are locked, the gap between the four bolts can be ensured.

A5: Refueling device for the mill; especially an oil pump refueling device is added, which is convenient for users to refuel daily work without stopping the machine;

A6: The mill is externally exhausted; The air volume reaches 1704 m3/h, and most of the heat is taken away by the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet air. A small part of the heat is solved by water cooling.The inlet temperature of cold water is required to be no more than 25°C, and the outlet water temperature is no more than 45°C. In summer, the cooling tower can be used to circulate water to lower the temperature.

A7: Fully automatic, automatic feeding, discharging and sorting;

Technical Parameter

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