BS-1000 Plastic single shaft shredder machine For PE HDPE LDPE tanks pallets

Plastic single shaft shredder machine can be used to tear up solid materials such as plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, electrical parts, cables, etc. which are hard to break, such as: nozzle material, rubber head, PET bottle, cardboard, circuit board, wood, plastic barrel, etc.



Working principle of Plastic single shaft shredder machine: The material enters the case from the feed hopper, the pusher pushes the material to the rotary knife roller under the push of the hydraulic cylinder, the rotary moving knife and the fixed knife break the material, the broken material falls through the screen, and then it is transported to the next process or collected and packed through the auxiliary conveying equipment.

Rotor and Screen: The blade of single axis shredder is made of DC53 material, with high wear resistance and durability;Tungsten carbide can be used on the surface of the spindle of the cutter roll of the single axis shredder, which has high wear resistance and durability, and can be repeatedly repaired; the cutter can be used on both sides, and the size of the mesh hole can be adjusted according to the discharge requirements of the user

Bearing block: The special split design ensures that the dust in the tearing chamber will not enter into the bearing. The cylindrical roller self-aligning bearing produced in Luoyang is adopted to ensure that the equipment can adjust the center independently to reduce the noise when tearing materials.

Hardened reducer: The gears of the hard gear reducer are made of high-strength low-carbon alloy steel through carburizing and quenching. The hardness of the gear surface is high. The gears are all CNC gear grinding technology, with high precision, good contact, high transmission efficiency, stable operation and low noise

Shock absorber:High efficiency motor star delta start, equipped with hydraulic clutch;Type III reducer – directly connected with knife stick;Reducer damping – protects the power system from damage caused by reduced pressure.

Control Cabinet:The designer has many years of experience in the production and field use of the electric control cabinet. In the design of the electric control cabinet, all possible situations have been taken into account to ensure the advanced and perfect design idea of the system Siemens relay and indicator light imported from Japan are used to ensure stable, safe and reliable operation of the system

Technical Parameter

Shredder Mode BS-800 BS-1000 BS-1200
Diameter Rotary 255mm 255mm 300mm
Rotate the numberof knives 45 58 71
Rotate the cutter shaft speed 90rpm 87rpm 87rpm
Number of fixed knlves 2 2 2
Hydraulic power 3kw 5.5kw 5.5kw
Working pressure 6-12Mpa 6-12Mpa 6-12Mpa
Crusher capacity 250-450kg/h 300-600kg/h 500-1000kg/h
Feeding caliber 800mm*950mm 1000mm*1000mm 1200mm*1100mm
Power f main motor 37kw 55kw 75kw
Host weight 4500kg 6000kg 8000kg
External dimension 3300*1800*2400mm 3850*2000*2700mm 4000*2200*2800mm
Maximum yield 900kg/h 1000kg/h 1200kg/h

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