PE granule drying mixer for waste recycling material

applicable customers: granulation, plastic materials, color masterbatch manufacturing, plastic modification, material recycling processing, large-scale injection molding and other industries.



Advantages of PE granule drying mixer:
The vertical mixer integrates the plastic spiral mixer into one body, which completes the coloring and mixing process before plastic molding, greatly simplifying the control and operation process, saving time, labor, and economy. It also reduces the footprint and space. The design of the machine is fast conveying of two-stage spiral, the first stage will quickly feed the raw materials into the barrel, and the second stage will quickly raise the raw materials to the upper end of the barrel to fly and scatter. The material is obtained in a sufficient mixer. Structure: This machine is mainly composed of bucket, hybrid motor, spiral spindle, feed hopper, discharge hopper, exhauster, cleaning door and so on.

Technical Parameter

Technical parameter of vertical dry mixer:

Model Motor power Capacity Voltage Dimension Speed Heating
air blower power heating power
SWL-500 4KW 5.5HP 500 380 1200*1200*2600 360 1.5KW 9KW
SWL-1000 5.5KW 7.5HP 1000 380 1550*1550*2850 360 1.5KW 9KW
SWL-1500 5.5KW 7.5HP 1500 380 1680*1680*3200 360 2.2KW 9KW
SWL-2000 5.5KW 7.5HP 2000 380 1880*1880*3200 360 2.2KW 9KW
SWL-3000 7.5KW 10HP 3000 380 2050*2050*3800 360 2.2KW*2 9KW*2
SWL-5000 11KW 15HP 5000 380 2350*2350*4300 360 2.2KW*2 9KW*2
SWL-7500 15KW 20HP 7500 380 2680*2680*5000 360 2.2KW*2 9KW*2
SWL-10000 22KW 30HP 10000 380 2980*2980*5500 360 2.2KW*2 9KW*2

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