SWP-650 Plastic PVC/WPC/SPC crusher grinding machine for pipe profiles boards

Plastic PVC crusher grinding machine, also called plastic crusher, is mainly used to crush various plastics and rubbers, such as plastic profiles, pipes, rods, wires, films and waste rubber products. The pellets can be used directly through an extruder or injection molding, or they can be recycled through basic pelletization. The plastic crusher is also a peripheral equipment of the injection molding machine, which can crush and recycle the defective products and nozzle materials produced by the injection molding machine.



The most commonly used knife type of Plastic PVC crushing grinder :
Plastic PVC grinding machine is used to crush waste plastics and factory waste plastics. Plastic crushers are widely used in the recycling of waste plastics and factory waste. The power of the electric motor of the plastic crusher is between 3.5 and 150 kilowatts, and the speed of the knife roller is usually between 150 and 500 rpm. The structure is divided into tangential feed and top feed. The knife roller is different from the solid knife roller and the hollow knife roller.

Features of SWP plastic crusher:
A1: The special long inclined hopper design ensures that there is no need to cut sheets and profiles, and realizes one-time continuous feeding. Large inlet, high crushing cavity, suitable for material hardness, agglomeration, and less product powder.

A2: Imported high-quality tool steel, specially made knives, are particularly durable. The knives are installed and designed to be retractable and adjustable. After being dull, they can be re-sharpened for many times. After repeated use, they have a long service life.

A3: The movable cutter seat is designed as a stepped scissor equipment, which makes the chip force decompose, causing the chip force to increase exponentially. The moving knife seat is made of T7 high-quality steel material, with reasonable rigidity and flexibility, and is not easy to break or wear. It is fastened with high-strength (8.8) steel screws, and the structure is solid and durable.

A4: The main body of the machine is made of high-quality structural materials, and long-term use will not affect the mechanical properties of broken materials. The axis of the main body and the double end faces are also processed by high-precision coordinates in turn to ensure concentricity and verticality. Each component is set with a reference hole, and the surface is roughed and refined twice. Flow processing technology, strong interchangeability of components High precision.

A5: Assemble heavy-duty bearings and set up a double-layer sealing device in the crushing chamber. The movable knife seat and the main shaft are assembled by heat sealing. The technology is advanced. The matching gap of the movable knife is less than 0.05MM, which prevents the broken powder from leaking into the bearing seat and aggravating the motor load. , to overcome the key failure factors of the crusher.

Technical Parameter

Model SWP200 SWP320 SWP360 SWP380 SWP400 SWP650
Diameter of rotary cutter 200 320 360 380 400 650
Quantity of rotary cutter 3 6 12 12 5 9
Fixed cutter 2 2 8 8 2 4
Capability(kg/h) 50-110 250-350 100-400 100-400 350-450 700-850
Power(kw) 4 11 11 27.5 13.2 44
Caliber of material inlet(mm) 240*350 500*280 268*120 268*120 375*320 820*610

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