SHR-500L High speed mixer

The high-speed mixing unit is developed by introducing and digesting and absorbing advanced technology, and the mixture material adopts the principle of negative pressure mixing. All electrical instruments are imported famous brand electrical appliances, and can be controlled by PLC program or computer. It has high degree of automation and fast mixing speed.



High-quality high-speed mixer product features:

  • A1. U-shaped barrel structure, stable operation, even mixing, no dead angle, clean discharge, wide application range.
  • A2. Staggered round-trip mixing with inner and outer double-layered ribbons for fast mixing and high uniformity
  • A3. The bearings are at both ends of the mixer, the material is not easy to enter, and the maintenance rate is low.
  • A4. The screw conveyor is convenient to feed, the feeding port is flush with the ground, and the feeding is labor-saving and convenient.
  • A5. Internal structure and overall design materials have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification.


  • (1) The particles move around the wall of the cone due to the revolution of the double helix.
  • (2) Due to the auto-transmission of the spiral blade, the powder is discharged toward the center of the cone for radial movement.
  • (3) The powder flows upward from the bottom of the cone and is discharged to the outer peripheral surface of the spiral to mix the materials.

Technical Parameter

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