SHR-500L Ternary positive electrode powder mixer machine with water cooler

Ternary positive electrode powder mixer is specially developed for the production of electronic and lithium battery slurry ultrafine powder raw materials that are prone to agglomerates and difficult to effectively carry out ultrafine dispersion. Lithium batteries are widely used in medical equipment, vehicles, power tools, industrial equipment, military products, etc .;



Working principle of Ternary positive electrode powder mixer machine:
Through the combined effects of shearing, impacting, grinding and cavitation, the materials can be fully dispersed, broken and refined, and the agglomerated fine powder agglomerates can be fully dispersed to achieve the effect of dispersion and depolymerization without any dead ends. produce. The equipment is optimized for the specificity of high-viscosity materials to ensure that there is no leakage of materials and no contamination of materials by external media.

Advantages of Ternary positive electrode powder mixer machine:

  • A1: The mixer pot body is made of high-quality stainless steel SUS304 / SUS316 precision processing;
  • A2: The mixer pot body has a side stirring device to ensure the uniformity of the material mixing.
  • A3: All parts in contact with the material (including the cover and discharge opening) are coated, the blades are coated with tungsten carbide (WC), and the inner wall and discharge opening are coated with tungsten carbide (WC) or Teflon
  • A4: There is a temperature measuring device in the key part of the pot body, and a water cooling circulation system is equipped in the tank interlayer.
  • A5: The mixer lid and cutting opening are equipped with magnetic detection and programmable program control.
  • A6: The pot lid seal and automatic discharge seal adopt highly efficient customized sealing devices to ensure smooth discharge, and there is no accumulation in the mixing tank

The tungsten carbide coating sprayed on the lithium battery and ternary powder high-speed mixer is the super hard wear-resistant coating second only to diamond. The temperature of the workpiece does not exceed 150 degrees during the production of the coating. There is no deformation of the workpiece.

The hardness of the coating is above HRC70. It is mainly suitable for particle wear. At present, the sprayed tungsten carbide coating has been widely used in the lithium battery industry to prevent metal ions from entering the powder. Choose wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coatings according to different usage environments.

Technical Parameter

Type Volume(L) Effective Volume(L) Mixing time(min/batch) Rotate speed(r/min) Motor(Kw) Capacity(kg/hour)
SHR-5A 5 3 6-8 1500 1.1 10
SHR-10A 10 7 6-8 1500 3 20
SHR-25A 25 20 6-8 1500 5.5 50
SHR-50A 50 35 6-10 750/1500 7/11 100
SHR-100A 100 75 6-10 650/1300 14/22 200
SHR-200A 200 150 6-10 475/950 30/42 400
SHR-300A 300 225 6-10 475/950 40/55 500
SHR-500A 500 375 8-12 330/660 55/75 800
SHR-800A 800 520 8-12 395/790 83/110 1400
SHR-1000A 1000 650 8-14 330/660 90/132 1600
SHR-1300A 11300 850 8-14 330/660 132/200 2100

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