SJ-25/25 Mini single screw extruder

The single-screw extruder is mainly used for extruding soft and hard PVC, polyethylene and other thermoplastics. It can process a variety of plastic products, such as blown film, extruded tube, pressing plate, drawing ribbon, etc., and can also be used for melt granulation. The plastic extruder has advanced design, high quality, good plasticization and low energy consumption. It adopts involute gear transmission, which has the characteristics of low noise, stable operation, large bearing capacity and long life.



The usege of single screw laboratory extruder in various fields:

  • A1 single screw pipe extrusion: suitable for PP-R pipe, PE gas pipe, PEX cross-linked pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, ABS pipe, PVC pipe, HDPE silicon core pipe and various co-extruded composite pipes.
  • A2 Single screw plate and sheet extrusion: suitable for the extrusion of PVC, PET, PS, PP, PC and other profiles and plates. Extrusion of various other plastics such as silk and rods.
  • A3 Extrusion of single-screw profiles: Adjusting the speed of the extruder and changing the structure of the extruder screw can be applied to the production of various plastic profiles such as PVC and polyolefins. Modified granulation: It is suitable for blending, modifying and enhancing granulation of various plastics.

The core patents of single screw laboratory extruder:
A1: Extruder screw It is a key component of plastic transportation and plasticization. Due to its rotation, the plastic is pushed forward to achieve compaction, melting and mixing. The thread is composed of different functional parts to achieve better conveying, compaction, mixing, plasticizing effect and high output. The screw material is made of high-quality nitrided steel (38CrMoALA), and is nitrided and finely ground. It has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and has a long service life.

A2: Extruder head flange joint It is part of the joint and barrel and is heated by a heating ring to prevent the molten plastic from cooling.

A3: Extruder drive system The transmission system will evenly rotate the screw with the necessary torque under the selected process conditions to complete the plasticization and transportation of the plastic to the screw. In order to meet the production requirements of various specifications of plastic products, the screw should have different speeds. The machine uses a variable frequency motor to directly drive the gearbox through the coupling, and uses a speed regulator to achieve speed regulation, so that the screw speed can be smoothly adjusted within the speed range, and the screw speed can be directly adjusted. It is read by the tachometer on the control panel. It can also be read directly on the governor.

Technical Parameter

Machine Model Capacity Screw Rotating Speed Main Motor Power
SJ-25 5-10kg/h 10-110r/min 2.2kw
SJ-30 10-20kg/h 10-110r/min 3kw
SJ-35 20-30kg/h 10-90r/min 4kw
SJ-45 30-50kg/h 10-90r/min 7.5/11kw
SJ-50 50-80kg/h 10-90r/min 15-22kw
SJ-65 80-120kg/h 10-90r/min 30-45kw
SJ-75 120-150kg/h 10-90r/min 37-75kw
SJ-90 150-200kg/h 10-90r/min 45-110kw
SJ-120 200-300kg/h 10-90r/min 75-160kw
SJ-150 300-400kg/h 10-90r/min 110-185kw
SJ-200 500-600kg/h 10-90r/min 132-280kw

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