SJSZ80-156 Plastic double screw extruder machine factory

SJZ series Plastic double screw extruder machine is a kind of special extrusion equipment suitable for all kinds of PVC powder extrusion forming. Equipped with different molds and auxiliary machines, it can produce all kinds of PVC plastic pipes, wood plastics, profiles, plates, Sheet, bar and pelletizing production line.



Structural features of double screw extruder:
A1: Unique screw design, the material stays in the barrel for a short time, and the mixing and plasticizing effect is good;

A2: Using high-quality gearbox, beautiful appearance, stable operation and low noise;

A3: The barrel adopts copper fin ceramic heater and air cooling system, which has good heating and cooling effects and precise temperature control;

A4: The use of vacuum exhaust system can exhaust the moisture and volatile gases in the materials, which can improve the quality of products;

A5: The main motor adopts thyristor DC speed regulator or frequency conversion speed regulator, the output torque of the motor is stable, and stepless speed regulation can be realized.

A6: Vacuum shaping device: profile shaping table, all parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel.

A7: Traction machine: a series of two-track profile traction machine to meet the production requirements of different profiles.

A8: Cutting machine: blade-free cutting, sawing, planetary sawing (with chamfering).

A9: Stacking device: automatic turning or roller stacking device

Technical Parameter

Screw DIA(mm) 51/105 65/132 80/156 92/188 105/216
Qty of screw 2 2 2 2 2
Screw direction Opposite and outer
Screw speed(rpm) 1-37 1-34.7 1-36.9 1-33 1-32
Screw length(mm) 1065 1440 1800 2500 3330
Structure Conical mesh
Main motor power(kw) 22 37 55 90 185
Total power(kw) 38 58 90 140 255
Output(max: kg/h) 135 250 450 800 1400
Qty of barrel heating zone 4 4 5 5 6
Feeder Screw dosing
Center height of machine(mm) 1000 1000 1000 1100 1300

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