SRL-Z 800/2000 high speed Plastic PVC compounding mixer machine with PLC feeding system

High speed mixing unit is used for the mixing, mixing and coloring of materials in industries such as plastics, rubber, daily chemicals, etc. It is an ideal equipment for the production of plastic sheets, pipes, profiles and degradable plastics.



The automatic conveying, metering and mixing system is mainly composed of storage equipment, conveying system, batching system, mixing equipment, industrial control machine, process flow simulation screen and other components. It realizes full automatic control through PLC, with production statistics, real-time monitoring, and fault alarm. And other functions.

A1: The parts in contact with the materials are all high-quality stainless steel (can be spray-protected) and do not pollute the materials;
A2: Can be equipped with small components of multiple components;
A3: Fast batching speed, accurate and high precision;
A4: High degree of automation, saving a lot of labor;
A5: Set to store multiple recipes and call them at any time;
A6: Multi-authority password management, strong confidentiality.

Technical Parameter

Vertical type:

Model SRL-Z100/200 SRL-Z200/500 SRL-Z300/600 SRL-Z500/1000 SRL-Z800/1600
Total volume 100/200 200/500 300/600 500/1000 800/1600
Effective volume 75/160 150/320 225/400 375/650 600/1050
Blade rotation speed 650/130/180 475/950/130 475/950/60 430/860/60 370/740/50
Heat-cooling method Electric/self-friction/water cooling
Mixing time 6-10 6-10 6-10 6-10 8-12
Motor power 14/22/7.5 30/42/7.5 40/55/11 55/75/11 110/30

Horizontal type:

Model SRL-W500/1600 SRL-W800/2000 SRL-W800/2500 SRL-W800*2/4000
Total volume 500/1600 800/2000 800/2500 1600/4000
Effective volume 330/1000 560/1400 600/1500 1120/2700
Blade rotation speed 430/860/70 330/660/55 330/660/60 350/700/65
Heating/cooling manner Self-friction/water cooling
Mixed time(min) 8-12 8-12 8-12 8-12

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