Prospects: For disc-type plastic mills, Baling Petrochemical has been purchasing German Perlmann mills, which are not only very expensive, but also have a long production cycle. Beisu Machinery got acquainted with Baling Petrochemical at a plastic machinery exhibition. After more than a year of investigation, communication and technical exchanges, the willingness of both parties to promote cooperation was strengthened;

On March 24, 2023, the leaders of the Rubber Department of Baling Petrochemical visited Beisu Machinery and visited the manufacturing, processing and finished product workshops of Beisu Machinery’s plastic mill, plastic mixer, plastic crusher, and plastic shredder. This meeting mainly introduced the technological innovation and advantages of the disc-type plastic mill; this meeting strengthened the willingness to cooperate, and finalized the machine performance and material grinding test requirements of the disc-type plastic mill.
Especially for SEBS-503T grinding requirements: different fineness such as 30 mesh, 24 mesh, 18 mesh, 10 mesh, test the production capacity, temperature, grinding disc fixed knife and moving knife loss.

On April 26, 2023, the engineering team and professors from Baling Petrochemical Rubber Department arrived as scheduled. After 5 hours of grinding tests, with the breakthrough grinding disc including the unique design of fixed knives and moving knives. The unreserved evaluation of Baling petrochemical engineer team and professors:

The MF-600 disc mill manufactured by Beisu Machinery has a motor power of 45KW. In the grinding of 10 mesh SEBS-503T, the reflux is kept at 0.5% after calculation, and the ground powder is finer than that of Pallmann in Germany. At around 30 degrees, the production capacity is maintained at 500~600kg/h. In grinding 30-mesh SEBS-503T, the fineness of the ground powder is very up to standard, and the production capacity is 100~150kg/h.

Beisu Machinery SEBS-503T disc plastic pulverizer miller successfully passed the highest standard test of Baling Sinopec-Welcome to visit BEISU MAHCINERY

The success of this test not only strengthened the trust between the two parties, but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Beisu Machinery will continue to innovate, develop higher and more professional manufacturing processes, and provide higher quality plastic pulverizer, plastic mixers, plastic crushers, and plastic shredders with higher efficiency and professionalism;

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