The EVA, SBR, and RB recycling project was developed by Beisu Machinery https://beisu-extrusion.comafter four years. It is a project with complete technology and technological innovation. The machine uses all water cycles in the process, without any waste water and toxic gas discharge, has good economic and social benefits, and is in line with the development strategy of the country to develop independent innovation technology and build an environmentally friendly and energy-saving society. Adhere to the priority of development and conservation, vigorously promote energy conservation and environmental protection, strengthen the comprehensive utilization of resources, improve the recycling system of renewable resources, fully promote clean production, and form a low-input, low-consumption, and high-efficiency economical growth mode. Actively develop and promote resource saving and alternative utilization technologies, accelerate the technological transformation of energy saving and consumption reduction of enterprises, implement a mandatory elimination system for high-consumption, heavy-polluting, and technologically backward technological products, and implement resources conducive to resource conservation. High-speed grinding of soft materials (EVA, SBR, RB foaming) by special diamond grinding wheel materials, directly grinding various scraps and scraps into powder, and cooling through water circulation to maintain the original physical properties (EVA, SBR, RB foaming) It has changed the traditional production process and processing method, can be completely recycled and reused, greatly saves production costs, and improves production efficiency. It is a brand-new production process patented equipment, simple operation, power saving, and high output. The EVA scrap mill is more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, simpler and more convenient to operate, cost-saving, and virtually creates more benefits for the enterprise.

The power of the EVA scrap mill is 45KW, which can work 24 hours a day, and the daily output can reach 2.6-3.0 tons. The operation is very simple and convenient. It directly grinds EVA scrap into powder, and the mesh number can reach 120 meshes. The powder it grinds is close to normal temperature, and its physical properties will not be destroyed, and the foaming agent bridging agent can be relatively reduced. The advantage of the EVA scrap mill is that the powder produced by the EVA scrap mill can add 5-15KG more per hand in terms of waste addition, and the foaming can increase by 3-5 mm per bed without causing white spots. The production time is short in the internal mixer, which can increase the output by 10%-20%。


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