The super wear-resistant blade customized by Beisu Machinery consists of a fixed blade and a movable blade, which are mainly installed in the PVC pulverizer. For grinding PVC materials with high calcium carbonate content, various plastic mill fixed knives, movable knives, knives, knives, tooth plates, oil seals, bearings, screens, pulleys are specially customized according to different sizes;

Selection of plastic mill blade material:
A1: A3 ordinary carbon steel (it is a mixture of steel and cast iron, with high cast iron content and low hardness).
A2: 45# high-quality carbon steel (a kind of medium carbon steel, with low hardness and poor quenching performance).
A3: CR12MOV (high hardness, good wear resistance, small heat treatment deformation, suitable for complex processing of grinding discs, good material toughness, higher strength, hardness and toughness after quenching and tempering than CR12).
A4: SDKD-11 (good high temperature strength and toughness, high wear resistance, good quenching penetration, suitable for plastic workpieces with high wear degree, hardness HRC58-60).
A5: High profile steel, wear-resistant, hard, long service life. (Higher welding requirements).

The detailed specifications of conventional super wear-resistant pulverizer blades are as follows:
A1: The blades of SMF-400 plastic mill have T shape, U shape, each set is 60 pieces.
Each set of plastic grinding machine tooth plate (fixed knife) is 6 pieces, length 350mm, width 20mm, thickness (height) 8mm, 10mm, there are 3 fixing screw holes in the middle, the hole spacing can be customized according to requirements. This is a commonly used model, and the other is that the tooth plate (fixed knife) is cylindrical, and the specific size is generally 400mm in outer diameter and 380mm in inner diameter. Special customization of different sizes.
A2: 24 blades of SMF-500/600/800/1000 plastic mill blades have been specially heat-treated (hardness 60 degrees) Features: wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant. Blade hole distance (center point to center point) 70 or 90MM, width 45mm, 44mm, 43mm, 40MM, length 170MM. If users need imported steel materials, they can call for customization

Beisu Machinery is committed to producing high-quality plastic extruders (PVC extruder; PE extruder), plastic recycling granulation machinery (PVC granulation production line, PE granulation production line), plastic recycling crushing and grinding machinery (PVC crushing machine) machine, PVC pulverizer, PVC shredder; PE shredder, PE pulverizer, PE shredder);

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