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Plastic Mixed application

Plastic Mixed application

Plastic Mixer suitable for plastic industries; mixing, coloring and drying of powdery or granular materials.

Chemical Mixed application

Chemical Mixed application

Plastic Mixer suitable for chemical industries; mixing, coloring and drying of powdery or granular materials.

Lithium battery

Lithium battery

High-speed lithium battery mixer is specially developed for the production of electronic and lithium battery slurry ultrafine powder raw materials that are prone ....

Laboratory application

Laboratory application

The small laboratory plastic mixer is suitable for small batch mixing, coloring, drying of various resins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride...


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What is the purpose of a high-speed mixer?

Suitable for efficient and uniform mixing of solid-liquid, solid-powder, powder-powder, and powder-liquid, suitable for feed, food, ceramic materials, non-metallic mining, coatings, fertilizers, metal powders, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals with good mixing effects.
For shear sensitive crystalline powders, batch products are mixed, and then the liquid is mixed into a solid. At the same time, some production lines can also use high-speed mixers, such as calcium carbonate production lines, calcium carbonate mixing lines, silica production lines, silica mixing lines, ternary material production lines, ternary material mixing lines, coating powder production lines, and coating powder mixing lines.

What is the working principle of a high-speed mixer?

Its working principle is to use a special blade structure to form a vortex like high-speed stirring of the material and heat it for modification; There is an inlet for input, and the mixed material is discharged from the side outlet of the mixing tank. To meet the mixing requirements of certain materials, an insulation sleeve is equipped to cool, heat, and insulate the materials.
After the introduction of the above two points, it has unique advantages both in terms of its high-speed mixer usage and principle; And it is precisely because of these advantages that more and more users are joining in. When selecting manufacturers, we must remember not to seek cheap prices and purchase from small manufacturers, which will increase maintenance costs and affect mixing efficiency and production.

What are the maintenance precautions for high-speed mixer?

1. Novice users strictly follow the operating procedures of the high-speed mixer equipment during use, and mastering the correct operating methods is also a maintenance method for the equipment;
2. The operating staff regularly checks whether each fastener is loose and checks the tightness of the installation;
3. One thing we need to pay attention to is that after normal startup, the feeding and mixing process should be carried out. When feeding, it is important to remember not to pour all the materials in, resulting in an increase in load. Therefore, the doors should be evenly changed and added;
4. It is also necessary to prepare all sealing rings, rolling bearings, and rubber rings, as these parts are prone to malfunctions. If any faults are found during inspection, they should be replaced in a timely manner.

How to maintain the high-speed mixer correctly?

Maintenance and repairs can generally be carried out once a year, and the following 5 points need to be noted:
1. Regularly check the gap between the mixing blades, scraper, and the inner wall of the mixer to ensure that it meets the specified requirements;
2. Check the spindle for bending or wear, and promptly handle any problems found;
3. Check and clean the cylinder, replace the sealing ring, and check whether the piston rod is deformed or worn;
4. Disassemble each rolling bearing and conduct cleaning and inspection; Severe wear parts need to be replaced; And replace the lubricating oil and sealing ring;
5. After the inspection of its main parts, make records and conduct tests if necessary.
We regularly check the usage of the equipment during use, and promptly troubleshoot and solve any problems that arise; Regularly check the use of lubricating oil and replace it with a new one or add lubricating oil in a timely manner. Therefore, only by doing a good job in maintenance and operating the high-speed mixer correctly can we reduce the equipment failure rate and extend its service life; On the other hand, it improves the overall mixing efficiency and yield.

Reasons and solutions for tripping during use of high-speed mixer!

With the increasing number of current buyers of high-speed mixers, many users have reported that there may be tripping during use, which affects the use of the equipment. So how to solve the problem of tripping?
We all know that when using mixing equipment, if a trip occurs, it will affect production and mixing efficiency, and over time, if not handled in a timely manner, it will also affect the lifespan of the imaging equipment. So what is the reason for this problem? And how to solve it?
During the operation of the high-speed mixer, there is a trip. Check if the circuit breaker is disconnected and pull down the load side isolation switch, which is within the protection range of the circuit breaker.
If there is a power outage on the line, pull the load side isolation switch after disconnecting the line. However, remember not to pull the bus side isolation switch, which may cause damage to some parts during this process. Therefore, if there is a tripping phenomenon, it is necessary to find a technical operator for inspection.
When there is a tripping phenomenon, there is no need to panic too much. Find the cause of the fault, refer to the reasons introduced above, and then solve it. At the same time, operators should have a better understanding of the basic knowledge, operating methods, and common faults of the equipment. Because understanding these foundations allows for better identification of the cause and resolution of equipment problems.


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