250-315mm Three layers Plastic PVC pipe extrusion machine line

PVC pipe extrusion line is an electromechanical machine designed to produce large quantities of uniform PVC pipes by melting raw materials and shaping them into circles of desired size. From the control panel, you can easily modify the machine settings to meet the customer’s standards. You can use a PVC pipe maker to make conduits, pressure pipes, water pipes, drain pipes, and more.

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PVC pipe making machine consists of different types of main equipment and other optional auxiliary equipment, all of which work together to ensure the overall efficiency of the machine. It can also operate under high pressure and high temperature to produce high quality and long-lasting PVC pipes.

PVC pipe extrusion production line has low density, and the structure is easy to load and unload. The cost of PVC pipe extrusion production line is relatively cheap, it is not only convenient to move and manufacture, but also has a long service life. The PVC pipe production line has high acid resistance, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for the chemical industry. The production of complex cross-sectional shapes is made simple with the help of this machine. This machine line has high mechanical strength as it produces pipes with excellent compression, impact and tensile properties.

According to the use, PVC pipes can be divided into the following categories:

A1: Agricultural Pipe: This refers to the rigid PVC pipe used to transport water to crops in the field.
A2: Water Supply PVC Pipes: These pipes are responsible for supplying potable pressurized water; however, you need to ensure that the wall thickness should be standard and the calcium carbonate content should not exceed 30%.
A3: Electrical Conduit PVC Pipe: These pipes can be used to carry electrical wires in homes, apartments and workplaces.
A4: Well Tube: This tube is very durable and can take the weight of a submersible pump suspended from a long stretch of pipe. It is resistant to sunlight and almost all chemicals, including bleach, which is good for you, as bleach is often used to treat wells when contamination occurs.
A5: Drain Pipe – It refers to any pipe used to carry water from one location to another. Its main objective is to treat domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater.

The operation of a new PVC pipe extrusion line requires auxiliary equipment. For example, efficient transformers are needed to supply power, chillers are needed to supply cooling water, and air compressors are needed to deliver compressed air. In addition, mixers, crushers, etc. are used to recycle and combine materials.

A1: PVC Mixers – These machines continuously improve the efficiency of the plastics industry by efficiently mixing PVC resin with various additives to produce high quality PVC compounds. PVC mixers include hot mixers and cold mixers. While various additives such as PVC powder and calcium are heated in the thermal mixer, the raw materials in the thermal mixer are cooled with the assistance of the cooling mixer. This dual function makes the process faster and increases the output speed.
A2: PVC Pipe Crusher – Since this equipment is conducive to the shredding of PVC pipes, the most effective equipment that can reduce the size of pipes is a PVC pipe crusher. Because this shredder can compress PVC pipe into tiny fragments or even particles, it is ideal for recycling these materials.
A3: PVC Shredder – This machine promotes the recycling process and is mainly used for the shredding of hard wastes derived from PVC materials.

Technical Parameter

Pipe diameter Vacuum Calibration Tank Spray Cooling Tank Haul-off unit cutter
Vacuum pump Water
Length(mm) Water
Length(mm) caterpillar Quantity Motor Motor Cutting type
PVC63*2 φ16mm-φ63mm 3kw*2 3kw*2 5000mm / / 2 1.5kw*4 1.1kw*2 Guillotine cutter
PVC-110 Φ40mm-φ110mm 4kw*1 4kw*2 6000mm / / 2 3kw 2.2kw*1 Guillotine cutter
PVC-160 Φ50mm-φ110mm 5.5kw*1 4kw*2 6000mm / / 3 1.1*3 1.5kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-250 Φ75mm-φ250mm 5.5kw*1 5.5kw*2 6000mm / / 3 1.1kw*3 2.2kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-315 Φ110mm-φ315mm 5.5kw*1 5.5kw*2 6000mm / / 4 1.1kw*4 2.2kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-400 Φ160mm-φ400mm 5.5kw*2 5.5kw*2 6000mm 5.5kw*1 6000mm 4 1.1kw*4 2.2kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-630 Φ315mm-φ630mm 7.5kw*2 7.5kw*2 6000mm 7.5kw*1 6000mm 6 1.1kw*6 3kw*1 Planetary cutter
PVC-800 Φ500mm-φ800mm 11kw*2 7.5kw*2 6000mm 7.5kw*1 6000mm 8 1.1kw*8 3kw*1 Planetary cutter

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