50-250mm Plastic extruer PVC pipe production line with Flaring/belling machine

Plastic PVC pipe production line is mainly used for agricultural water supply and drainage, water supply and drainage, cable laying and other production. Purpose. The unit is composed of conical double/parallel double extruder, mold, vacuum forming tank, multi-claw tractor, planetary (no chip) cutting machine, stacker and so on. And the production line can be equipped with Comptroller thickening instrument or computer inkjet printer, etc., to realize the production and manufacture of high-grade oil pipes.

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The PVC pipe production line consists of different equipments, all of which cooperate with each other to perform their respective functions. However, it is worth noting that each of these devices plays a role in the production of PVC pipes.

The following is a typical list of equipment that makes up a PVC pipe production line:

A1: Screw Loader or Vacuum Loader: A vacuum loader is a device that uses vacuum conveying to move plastic raw materials into a hopper receiver. In a PVC pipe extrusion line, raw materials are first put into a hopper and then fed into a long, heated cylindrical chamber called an extruder.

A2: Conical twin screw extruder: It is responsible for extruding the PVC plastic from the mixer and into the mold. PVC pipe extrusion lines are usually built with screw-type components called conical screws, which are used to empty plastic mixers. As the screw rotates, the liquid plastic is pulled between the helical twists of the extruder and travels down the screw to the molding machine.

A3: PVC pipe mould:Use a molding machine to shape PVC plastic into appropriate profiles.

A4: Vacuum calibration tank:This particular device is responsible for processing plastic profiles, the method of which differs depending on whether the material being processed is flexible or rigid.

A5: haul off :It refers to the equipment on the production line that is responsible for transporting the pipeline forward to move the pipeline forward. This equipment is critical because it controls the speed of the pipes passing through it, and as a result, it has an impact on the overall production.

A6: Tool:The cutting process is carried out with the help of electric and pneumatic drives. The cutter has a built-in vacuuming mechanism, so it cleans itself and removes any debris that may have formed during the cutting process.

A7: Socket machine or flaring machine:The device refers to the process of using a mold to heat the top of a PVC pipe to expand its diameter. In a PVC pipe extrusion line, there is a flaring machine at the end of the line. It is available in fully automatic or semi-automatic versions.

A8: printer: The printer prints the company name and various other information on the outside of the PVC pipe. You can choose between laser printers or inkjet printers.

The size range of Beisu PVC pipe production line?
BEISU offers you a wide range of options when it comes to PVC pipe extrusion lines. You can choose the type and size of adjustments you want to see in your final product and choose your PVC pipe extrusion line accordingly.

Here are some common size ranges you can choose from when purchasing a PVC pipe extrusion line from BEISU:
A1:16-40mm four-cavity PVC pipe production line
A1: 16-63mm double cavity PVC pipe production line
A1: 50-110mm double cavity PVC pipe extrusion line
A1: 50-160mm PVC Pipe Extrusion Line
A1: 200-400mm PVC pipe production line
A1: 315-630mm PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine
A1: 500-1000mm PVC pipe production line

BEISU also gives you the option to customize your order. All you need to do is provide your machine specifications and they will create a unique brand for your PVC pipe extrusion line business.

Technical Parameter

Model Pipe Spec(mm) Conical twin screw extruder Max output(kg/h) Total power(kw)
BS63-PVC Φ20-Φ63 GSZ65/132 180-300 104
BS160-PVC Φ63-Φ160 GSZ65/132 180-300 105
BS250-PVC Φ75-Φ250 GSZ80/156 300-450 110
BS315-PVC Φ250-Φ315 GSZ80/156 300-450 216
BS450-PVC Φ200-Φ450 GSZ92/188 650-750 290
BS630-PVC Φ315-Φ630 GSZ92/188 750-850 350
BS800-PVC Φ500-Φ800 GSZ135/31 950-1100 410

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