BS-600/800/1000 Industry plastic single shaft shredder machine

Industry shredder machine can be used to shred a wide range of plastics such as bulky pipes and profiles, large quantities of wash pieces and other production waste such as PET bottles, textile fibers, PE films, drums, sheets, boards, insulation, plastic floors, carpets, containers and boards Cutting and shredding of crates, gates, feed ports, and plastic heads (after injection molding, extrusion, rotational molding, blow molding, etc.).

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Pre-shredders are single-shaft shredders with hydraulic drive and hydraulic feed pushers that deliver material to the cutter shaft at constant pressure, designed to pre-shredder materials to predetermined sizes by using various screen sizes. The pre-shredder is equipped with an output conveyor to deliver the shredded material to the granulator at a predetermined rate, ensuring constant feed for maximum output.

Applicable Products:
The single shaft shredder is used to recycle plastic, paper, wood, fiber, cable, rubber, home appliances, light steel, municipal solid waste, etc. It is very suitable for the crushing of a variety of different materials:
• Garbage-derived fuels: straw, municipal solid waste;
• Textiles: cloth fibers, nylon;
•Paper: industrial waste paper, wrapping paper, cardboard;
•Cable wire: copper core cable, aluminum core cable, composite cable;
•Polypropylene pipes, industrial packaging and plastic films, PP woven bags;
•Plastic: plastic block, plastic sheet, PET bottle, plastic tube, plastic container, plastic barrel;

Features for Industry shredder:
Single shaft shredder machine unit is mainly composed of motor, hard tooth surface reducer, rotating knife shaft, imported moving knife, fixed knife, frame, base, box, hydraulic cylinder, oil pump and other major structures.
A1. After the material enters the shredder through the material, the material pushing box is driven by the hydraulic station to push the material to the knife stick. The knife stick is driven by a power system consisting of a motor, a belt, a pulley and a reducer, and the material is shredded.
A2. The power is fixed on the knife and knife holder by bolts. When the equipment is running, the moving knife is fixed by bolts and the fixed knife cooperates with the moving knife when the power base equipment is running to shred the material; the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife can be adjusted by adjusting bolts.
A fixed knife is installed on the frame, and a removable insert movable knife is installed on the rotating knife shaft. The movable knife is a four-corner surface. The knife can be used. After blunt removal, the angle can be replaced. For a long time, strong cutting ability, high production capacity, effectively reduce labor intensity and improve the working environment.
A3. The shredded material particles are discharged through the screen, and the size of the discharged particles is determined by the screen aperture.

Technical Parameter

Model Blade Diameter (mm) feed inlet size(mm) Capacity   (kg/h)     Power   (kw) Size(L*W*H)       (mm) Weight  (kg)
BS-600 260 600×550 300-500 15 1800x1300x1700 2850
BS-800 300 800×600 500-800 37 2800x1800x2100 4200
BS-1000 350 1000×700 800-1500 45 2800x2000x2100 6500
BS-1200 400 1200×900 1500-2500 55 2800x2500x2100 7800
BS-1400 450 1400×900 2500-4000 75 2800x2800x2100 9600
BS-1600 500 1600×1000 4000-6000 90 3000x2800x2100 12500

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