GHL-300/500/800 Plastic waste recycle PE/PP film bag agglomerator

The plastic agglomerator not only processes waste and scraps of various soft plastic films, bags, silk, ribbons, sheets, tubes, etc. Recycle and put into production. It also crushes and granulates degradable plastic films and corner materials for recycling and reproduction. Moreover, chemical fiber materials (polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, etc.) are crushed and granulated, and the waste silk is put into recycling.

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The structure of the plastic agglomerator mainly includes the following parts:
A1. Base part: As the foundation of the machine, it is made of welded steel plates to bear the weight of the entire machine. It is usually fixed on the cement foundation with four M18*630 foot bolts.
A2. Transmission part: Mainly composed of main motor, large/small pulley, main shaft, bearings and rotary cutter. The spindle has undergone good heat treatment and finishing, and has high precision and smoothness, which can ensure the stability of its rotation.
A3. Pot body parts: usually welded from high-quality stainless steel, used to contain and heat materials. The internal volume of the pot is 300L, and the amount of material added is about 50Kg. The pot body is divided into two parts: the upper pot body and the lower pot body, and the connection between the two parts is fastened with rocker bolts. There is a material input hole with a diameter of 360 in the middle of the upper pot body for adding waste plastic products.
A4. Discharge port part: responsible for the discharge of materials.
A5. Electrical instrument control cabinet: used to control the operation of the machine.
In addition, there are some auxiliary equipment, such as cooling system and dust removal system. These systems are used to prevent knife sticking, remove dust generated during crushing, etc.

The plastic pellet machine is an efficient, environmentally friendly waste plastic recycling equipment with wide application prospects. In addition, the plastic pellet machine also has the following advantages:
A1. Reduce costs: By recycling and reusing waste plastics, production costs can be greatly reduced, while the need for new plastics is reduced, thereby reducing production costs.
A2. Environmental protection: If waste plastics are discarded randomly or processed incorrectly, they will cause serious pollution to the environment. The plastic pellet machine can convert these waste plastics into useful particles, reducing the pressure on the environment.
A3. Versatility: In addition to processing waste plastics, the plastic pellet machine can also be used for the recycling of other materials, such as paper products, wood, etc., which increases its scope of use and value.
A4. Adjustability: The blade gap of the plastic pellet machine can be adjusted as needed, which allows it to handle different sizes and types of waste.
A5. Energy saving and emission reduction: This machine adopts advanced energy-saving technology, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and reduce the emission of waste gas and waste water, which is conducive to energy saving and emission reduction.
A6. Promote sustainable development: By using recycling equipment such as plastic pellet machines, we can promote sustainable development and achieve coordinated development of the economy, society and the environment.

Technical Parameter

Model GHL-100 GHL-200 GHL-300 GHL-500 GHL-600 GHL-800 GHL-1500
Shaft speed (rpm) 1050 1050 950 850 750 750 650
Output (kg/h) 80-120 100-150 150-250 300-400 350-450 500-600 800-1000
Motor power (kw) 37 45 55 90 110 132 200
Volume (L) 100 200 300 500 600 800 1500
Rotating blade (pcs) 2 2 2 4 4 4 4
Fixed blade (pcs) 6 6 6 8 8 8 8
Dimension (m) 1.7*0.75*1.5 1.7*0.85*1.5 2*0.85*1.6 2.3*0.95*1.7 2.3*1.1*1.75 2.5*1.25*1.8 3*1.6*2.1
Weight (kg) 1000 1200 1800 2500 2700 3000 5000

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