Heavy-duty plastic crusher for PVC/PE/PET/PP/ABS/PC containers/sheets/bumper/blocks

Heavy-duty crusher is suitable for smashing PVC/PE/PET/PP/ABS/PC/Nylon large wastes in a centralized manner; crushing large and thick materials, large hard plastic blocks, material heads, thick materials, sprue materials, engineering plastics And large wire and cable recycling and packaging materials, containers, sheets, TV casings, refrigerator liners, car fuel tanks, bumpers, and more.

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GSH series heavy duty plastic crusher (including GSH-Z series, GSH-V series)
GSH-Z Heavy Duty Plastic Crusher 350, 450 and 550 series are equipped with a variety of rotor models to choose from.
GSH-V Heavy Duty Plastic Crusher 500, 600, 700 and 800 series are equipped with a variety of rotor models to choose from. The diameter of the rotor is 500mm, 600mm, 700 and 800mm respectively. The minimum rotor width is 600mm for crusher equipment and the maximum is 2000mm.

The overall welded steel structure is specially designed to meet demanding requirements and non-breakable materials. It is a general-purpose recycling equipment. Assemble large rotor bearings, tool holders and shafts.
Standard Z-shaped and V-shaped cutting technology is beneficial to improve cutting recycling efficiency and reduce dust content in recycled materials. Deflecting wedges, ie removable attachments with a third knife, meet different crushing requirements by simple disassembly. Other standard features include bearing outboards to reduce the risk of contamination entering the bearings.

Features of heavy duty crusher:
A1: Hydraulic adjustment of the discharge port, combined with humanized design, hydraulic adjustment is adopted when adjusting the size of the discharge port. Only button control is required, which saves labor and trouble, and can realize stepless adjustment, and the adjustment controllability is high.
A2: The single-cylinder hydraulically adjusts the main shaft, the cone, and the overall lifting to achieve the purpose of adjusting the size of the discharge port, and solves the problem that the side cylinder and the upper frame are inclined to damage the host.
A3: Hydraulic automatic adjustment of the working pressure system, the crushing chamber will inevitably enter the ultra-crushing pressure material sometimes, the pressure adjustment system will automatically start to perform pressure relief protection, the discharge port will be automatically enlarged, and the unbreakable material will be discharged from the machine through the discharge port. , to achieve the purpose of protecting equipment.
A4: The wearing parts can be replaced quickly. In order to save the replacement time of wearing parts, after careful design and processing, the joint surface between the rolling mortar wall and the cone is firmly and firmly attached, and no filling agent is needed. Removal and filling, filling time of each replacement part, and reliable installation of the rolling mortar wall also saves the waste of money for filling materials.
A5: The hydraulic working pressure is low, and the working pressure of the hydraulic system of the entire equipment is relatively low (not a high-pressure hydraulic system).
A6: Installation and transportation are convenient and fast. Due to the advanced design and high efficiency of this model, its volume and weight are relatively small, which requires less requirements for hoisting, transportation, parts replacement and maintenance.

Technical Parameter


Motor power

Feeding size

Rotary balde

Fixed blade



Blower material collection system


22 500*420 6 4 ф10-ф25 600 3


30 600*550 6 4 700 4


37 800*600 12 4 750 4


45 1000*700 25 4 1000 5.5


55 1000*850 25 4 1200 5.5


75 1200*850 30 6 1500 7.5


90 1200*850 30 6 2000 7.5

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