High speed Plastic PVC mixer stainless steel blade/paddle/knife mix parts

PVC mixer blade, also known as stirring paddle, is a tool part specially used for high-speed friction mixing. The materials of the knives are: 304 stainless steel, wear-resistant stainless steel 304, high-hardness carbon steel; can be used for surface treatment: such as tungsten carbide spraying, Teflon spraying, etc., with higher wear resistance and more permanent wear resistance.

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Types of mixing paddles for PVC mixer blades: A1: Pressing type; A2: Throwing type.
Blade models of PVC mixer blades: SHR-50; SHR-100; SHR-200; SHR-300; SHR-500; SHR-800; SHR-1000.

PVC mixer blades are mainly used for mixing equipment such as high-speed mixers, high-speed mixing units, and horizontal mixing units. The whole is made of stainless steel, refined by dynamic balance and static balance test, and the surface is specially polished. It has the characteristics of good mixing effect, long service life and no pollution to mixed materials.

Features of PVC mixer blades:
A1: PVC mixer blades are used for hot mixing and cooling mixers; according to the characteristics of materials, there are two types of high-speed mixer blades: disc blades and three-piece blades, stainless steel three-piece blades can be specially designed according to different materials For plastic powders and plastic granules.
A2: Cooling mixer blades are not easy to break. However, the blades of the high-speed mixer operate at high speed, so they need to be replaced frequently.
A3: When installing the blades, be sure to correct the dynamic balance. High-speed rotating machinery is heavily influenced by materials, and shock, corrosion, wear, and coking can all cause unbalanced failures in the machine’s rotor system. And 70% of vibration failures in rotating machinery are caused by rotor system imbalance. For the rotor with large vibration, the general maintenance personnel dismantle it, directly replace the impeller, etc., and reinstall it after operation to achieve the purpose of reducing vibration. However, due to the original unbalance of the rotating parts, the vibration of the machine sometimes exceeds the standard allowable value. In order to prevent the machine from being damaged, threaten the safety of the on-site personnel, and ensure the normal production, it is necessary to carry out an action balance correction.

Technical Parameter

Model SRL-Z100/200 SRL-Z200/500 SRL-Z300/600 SRL-Z500/1000
Total capacity(L) 100/200 200/500 300/600 500/1000
Efficient (L) 65/130 130/320 200/400 350/640
Motor power
14/22/7.5 30/42/11 40/50/15 47/67/15
Paddle Speed 650/130/180 475/950/130 475/950/130 430/860/60
Water consumption 3T/H 4T/H 4T/H 5T/H
Heat/cooling way electric self-friction water cooling electric self-friction water cooling electric self-friction water cooling electric self-friction water cooling
Mixing time(min) 8-10
Outline dimension mm 2500
Weight kg 3T 3.5T 3.5T 4.5T


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