High speed PVC/SPC/WPC powder mixing machine for pipes/wall panel/board/floor

The high-speed powder mixing machine has the characteristics of fast mixing, uniform mixing and heating and heat preservation modification, and is widely used in many fields. Laboratory: The precision and efficiency of high-speed mixing units make them ideal for laboratories, where they can be used for mixing and modifying a variety of materials. Material manufacturing: In the manufacturing process of lithium battery ternary materials, cable materials, masterbatch, plastics, PVC, degradable materials, engineering plastics, etc., high-speed mixing units can be used to mix and modify raw materials to ensure product quality and performance. Pharmaceutical and food industry, chemical industry and silicone rubber products industry.

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High-speed mixer is a kind of mixing equipment commonly used for solid materials. It mainly consists of the following parts:
A1. Mixing tank: usually cylindrical, with a feed port and a discharge port on the upper part, and a motor and reducer installed on the lower part.
A2. Agitator: usually consists of one or more blades on a rotating shaft, which can be driven by a motor through a pulley.
A3. Pot body: Welded from stainless steel, the inner surface is extremely smooth and hard, and is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and not easy to stick to materials. There is a heating jacket and a resistance heating ring on the surface of the pot body. The high-ignition point thermal oil in the heating jacket is transferred to the pot body so that the pot body is heated evenly.
A4. Pot lid: Made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, the inner surface has been finely turned and polished. It can be lifted up by the cylinder and then rotate horizontally in the vertical direction.
A5. Deflector: It adopts a built-in structure to enhance the material mixing effect. The drum is equipped with a temperature measuring thermocouple. The temperature of the material can be reflected on the indicator instrument. It is also used to automatically control the automatic discharging of the discharge port. .

The characteristics of high-speed mixer are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
A1. High mixing efficiency: The high-speed rotation of the mixer can generate large centrifugal force and shear force, thereby accelerating the mixing process and allowing the solid particles in the material to be quickly and evenly distributed throughout the mixing tank.
A2. Good mixing quality: Due to the excellent mixing effect of the high-speed mixer, the mixed materials have high quality and good uniformity.
A3. Easy to operate: The operation of the high-speed mixer is relatively simple. You only need to add the material into the mixing tank through the feed port, and then start the motor to start mixing.
A4. Wide range of application: High-speed mixer is suitable for mixing a variety of materials, such as powder, granule and granule mixing, etc.
In general, high-speed mixers have the advantages of high mixing efficiency, good mixing quality, and easy operation. They are an important mixing equipment in modern industry.

Technical Parameter

Model Total volume(L) Effective volume(L) Motor power(kw) Main shaft speed(rpm) Heating method Discharge method
SRL-Z50/100 50/100 35/75 7/11/5.5 750/1500/180 Self-friction or electric heating Pneumatics
SRL-Z100/200 100/200 70/140 11/22/7.5 650/1300/150
SRL-Z200/500 200/500 140/250 30/42/11 550/1100/90
SRL-Z300/600 300/600 210/420 40/55/11 475/950/90
SRL-Z500/1000 500/1000 350/700 47/67/15 430/860/60
SRL-Z1000/3000 1000/3000 560/1100 200/30 370/740/50

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