High speed single wall PVC/PE corrugated pipe production line with cutter

The single-wall corrugated pipe machine is mainly used to produce raw materials for PVC.PP.PE small-diameter single-wall corrugated pipes. A homogeneous single-wall corrugated pipe product is formed by the corresponding mold. Especially suitable for wire and cable threading pipes, washing machine drain pipes, vacuum cleaners, ventilation pipes, special pipes for prestressed concrete.

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Production Flow:
Raw material + master batches→mixing→vacuum feeding →material dryness →single screw extruder→extrusion mould→corrugation forming machine→meter measurer→double winder→finished product inspecting &packing

Application of single wall PE corrugated pipe production line:
The single-wall corrugated pipe extrusion line mainly uses PVC, PP, PE, EVA, PA as raw materials, and forms a corrugated pipe with uniform corrugation at one time through a special customized tooth mold; the single-wall corrugated pipe has corrosion resistance, high strength, and good flexibility. And other characteristics, especially suitable for automotive wiring harness, electrical threading, machine tool wiring, protective sleeve of lamp wiring, air conditioner, washing machine water pipe and other fields.

The working principle of single wall PE corrugated pipe production line:
The single-wall corrugated pipe extrusion line is composed of SJ-65 single screw extruder, extrusion molding die, iron wire die, molding machine, traction cutting machine, and winding machine.

The core patents of single wall PE corrugated pipe production line:
A1: The single-wall corrugated pipe forming machine is a closed structure and can provide vacuum forming.

A2: The single-wall corrugated tube forming module is made of high-quality alloy steel, and it reciprocates through gears in an integrally closed forming tunnel.

A3: The single-wall corrugated pipe forming tunnel is a sandwich design, and the modules are forced to cool evenly through cooling water.

A4: The single-wall corrugated pipe forming die strip is made of hard alloy steel, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The forming modules are not connected to each other, so the time for changing specifications is shortened

Technical Parameter

Material Machine model Extruder Pipe diameter(mm) Production speed(m/min)
PE/PP SNDPG-25 SJ45/30 φ11mm-φ25mm 20
SNDPG-63 SJ55/30 Φ25mm-φ63mm 10
SNDPG-90 SJ65/30 Φ50mm-φ90mm 5
PVC SNDPG-63 SJZ51/105 Φ25mm-φ63mm 5
SNDPG-110 SJZ65/132 Φ50mm-φ110mm 3

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