High speed SJ-70/38 single screw plastic extruder machine for PE/PPR pipe

single screw plastic extruder machinecan be used to make soft PVC pipes, HDPE corrugated pipes, HDPE solid pipes, HDPE hollow wall pipes, PPR pipes. Single screw plastic extruder is a piece of equipment whose sole function is to heat and melt raw material, usually including polymer particles, and push them along its heated barrel, which then pushes/extrudes the molten polymer through a die into individual pieces. kinds of plastic products. It is one of the main key components of the plastic production line.

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Single-screw extruders are often complex machines composed of many components, including mechanical and electrical components. Single screw extruder manufacturers often need to source the highest quality components for their finished single screw extruders. Parts are often interchangeable to make the machine serviceable. The manufacturing process typically involves creating the frame that holds the components together through a variety of processes, including laser cutting, bending, welding, and painting. All components are assembled into a functioning machine. Complete single screw extruders undergo various tests to ensure optimal operation.

Advantages and disadvantages of single screw extruder:
A1: Simple and easy to operate – it is much easier to monitor and control various control parameters of a single screw extruder, such as screw speed, feed rate and temperature of various process sections.
A2: Cheaper to operate – The single screw extruder is simple in design and less expensive to buy and operate.
A3: Pressurization Capability – Due to screw operation and melting, single screw extruders are good at pressurization, which increases operating capability and speed.
A4: Versatility – Single screw extruders are versatile and can handle a wide range of applications.
Low Noise – With a durable heavy duty gearbox, the single screw extruder can be operated with low noise.

Some disadvantages of single screw extruders include:
A1: Single screw extruders do not handle powder feedstock well, and they tend to be cheaper in the long run than using pre-granulated material.
A2: Single-screw extruders are prone to unstable melt pressure. It affects the flow rate, causing fluctuations that reduce productivity and potentially lead to higher scrap rates. They have less mixing capacity compared to twin screws
A3: Feed performance is sometimes affected because the melt material is transported down the barrel by friction.
A4: The exhaust performance of single screw extruders tends to be poor. They are not as flexible in a wide range of applications compared to twin screws

Technical Parameter

odel Screw dia
L/D Motor
Heating power
SJ45/30 45 30 18.5/22 13.5 30~60
SJ65/33 65 33 37/45 16.5 50~100
SJ75/33 75 33 75 37 80~160
SJ90/33 90 33 110 42 150~250
SJ120/33 120 33 220 64 300~500
SJ150/33 150 33 260 80 500~800

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