Industrial plastic recycling machine PVC grinding milling equipment with rotor blades

Industrial plastic pvc milling equipment is especially suitable for processing and grinding waste plastic polyvinyl chloride PVC, such as pipes, plastic steel profiles, PVC gussets, skirting boards, downpipes, profiles, water pipes, PVC trademark paper, some polystyrene PS and other materials powder processing. It can be matched with metal detectors, iron removal conveyor belts, measuring and packaging systems, etc., to more accurately classify materials and recycle them for extrusion of plastic tubes, sheets and sheets. At the same time, this machine can grind all kinds of soft and hard leather into fibers at room temperature: artificial leather, PVC, PE and other materials with different molecular structures are ground into 20-80 mesh powder, especially suitable for plastic modification.

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The principle of Plastic PVC milling equipment:
The cutter head is driven by the spindle equipped with accurate bearings. Driven by the cutter head, the moving knife rotates at a high speed and is tangent to the fixed knife, so that the incoming materials collide strongly and grind into powder. The crushing temperature of the material is controlled to ensure that the quality of the crushed material will not change. The automatic feeding, automatic discharging and automatic sorting system are configured, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. The whole grinding process is completely closed without dust leakage. The door needs to be opened for maintenance.

The operation process of Plastic PVC milling equipment:
A1: All the materials should be crushed by the crusher first. The crushed materials are in the form of granules or flakes. The crushed materials are sent to the mill by the strong magnetic conveyor belt. The iron substance is adsorbed on the surface of the conveyor belt and needs to be cleaned by workers regularly
A2: The inside of the pulverizer is a cutter disc type with a blade, which is rotated to grind the powder, so that the particles or flakes are ground into powder, the mesh number is between 10 meshes and 50 meshes. After grinding into powder, the fan in the equipment, Use the suction of the fan to introduce the pipe, enter the cyclone barrel for cooling, and directly enter the vibrating screen to screen out the fineness you want. During the entire grinding process: stainless steel pipes and stainless steel cyclone barrels are all equipped with a water cooling system, which is provided by the water circulation system. Reduce the temperature of the material to achieve the cooling effect of the finished product
A3: After the grinding powder enters the vibrating screen, the direction of the powder is divided into two layers, the bottom layer is the finished material, and the top layer is the material selection. Processing mill
A4: The right side of the cyclone barrel is connected to the dust removal bag, which is connected to the host and the fan. The bag is blown up to achieve a certain exhaust effect, so that the dust directly enters the bag, and the bag needs to be cleaned regularly to achieve a good dust removal effect.
5. Start-up instructions: first check whether the water circulation system is normally connected to the water, all the power lines are in the power-on state, turn on the power supply and turn on the vibrating screen switch, after the current of the fan and the host is stable, slowly the conveyor belt starts to convey materials, and the current gradually rises , the current is stable and continues to work.

Technical Parameter

Model 400 500 600 800
Motor power(kw) 30 37 45 55
Blower power(kw) 1.5 3 5.5 11
Dust collector 6 9 16 24
Total power(kw) 31.5 42 52 90.5
Feed diameter(mm) <18 <18 <18 <18
Discharge size(mesh) 10-80 10-80 10-80 10-80
Capacity(kg/h) 100-150 200-250 300-400 400-500
Dimension(L*W*H) 2000*1800*26000 2500x2000x3000 3200x2600x3200 3500x2400x4000

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