Industry SEBS-503T plastic rubber pulverizer miller machine with SKD-11 disc-blade

The materials processed by the SBS pulverizer mill include nylon, polyester, hot melt adhesive, various engineering plastics, polyethylene, polyvinyl alcohol, polystyrene (PS), thermoplastic elastomer, TPU, general-purpose plastics, high-density polyethylene ( HDPE), polypropylene, thermal adhesive, PA1010, low density polyethylene (LDPE), thermal adhesive for clothing, decorative powder coating, nylon 11, ethylene acetate copolymer (EVA), nylon 6, nylon 12, plastic, rubber, PPT, PETTPU, ABS, functional anti-corrosion powder coating, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), etc.

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The advantages of SEBS pulverizer:
A1: The disc type of SEBS pulverizer adopts dual systems of water cooling and air cooling;
the material is sheared and ground as soon as it enters the grinding chamber, and then quickly regrinded and sieved;
at the same time, the fixed knife and moving knife in the grinding chamber, including the bearing and the main shaft, are cooled The temperature of the water is cooled in time to avoid the material from being bonded by heat, thereby increasing the output.
A2: SEBS pulverizer adopts SKD-11 wear-resistant grinding disc (integral type or splicing type), which has high output and strong resistance, and the life of the grinding disc is twice that of ordinary grinding discs.
A2: SEBS pulverizer adopts NSK or SKF imported deep groove bearings, high quality, high hardness and high wear resistance.
A4: SEBS pulverizer fully sealed milling process, no dust leakage.
A5: SEBS pulverizer is fully automatic feeding, and the feeding speed is adjustable, reducing the time of manual feeding.
A6: The sub-sieve of SEBS pulverizer can be double-layered or triple-layered. Before entering the sub-sieve, all pipes are cooled by water and air to strengthen the cooling of materials and avoid sub-sieve stacking.

Summary: SEBS -503T plastic mill has passed the strict test of shell plastic machinery MF-600 plastic pulverizer:
10-mesh output: 500Kg/h; 18-mesh output: 400kg/h; 24-mesh output: 200kg/h; 30-mesh output: 100kg/h.

Technical Parameter

Model  MF-400  MF-500  MF-600 MF-800
Main motor power (kw)  22 37  45 75
Draft fan power(kw) 3 5.5 7.5 11
Vibrating screen power(kw)  0.55 0.75  0.75 1.1
Air Shutter(kw)  0.75 0.75  0.75 1.1
Weight(kg)  1680 2280  2680 3580
Dimensions(mm)  2800*2600*3700 3000*2800*3900  3200*3000*4200 4000*3500*4500
Output (kg/h)  150 200  400 600

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