Laboratory plastic high speed mixer for PVC/PE/PP/Lithium battery

Laboratory plasitc mixer are widely used in lithium battery cathode materials (ternary, lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide), lithium battery negative electrode materials (silicon carbon negative electrode, graphite negative electrode), sodium ion battery materials and precise metering of chemical raw materials ,mix.

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The structure of the Laboratory plastic mixer is mainly composed of a frame, a pot body (deflector), a discharge tee, a pot cover, a stirring blade, a main shaft, a pot seat, a transmission device and an electrical part.

Four: Technical points of Laboratory plastic mixer:
1) The mixing pot body adopts a sandwich design, which is used for heat insulation or interlayer cooling fluid, etc., and is equipped with a temperature measurement point; the bottom of the pot body adopts a reinforced structure, and the inner wall of the pot body is made of stainless steel Tungsten carbide spray finish.
2) The discharge the outlet plug adopts the arc surface processing technology, and is accurately closed on the bottom of the pot according to the arc shape of the bottom of the pot. The plug of the discharge port acts as a plunger along the axial line. The cleaning port of the discharge tee is at the top and is securely fastened by bolts; the outlet plug is operated pneumatically (the interface pressure is about 0.6Mpa).
3) Laboratory plastic mixer the pot cover is designed to be opened and closed by side top rotation, and the limit switch is safe; there is a gapless sealing ring between the pot cover and the pot body to prevent material leakage.
4) Stirring paddles of the Laboratory plastic mixer are installed in a multi-layer superimposed and combined manner, made of stainless steel 304, and the surface area is sprayed with tungsten carbide, which is high in hardness and wear-resistant.
5) Stirring spindle of Laboratory plastic mixer : The spindle adopts a long shaft design, and the shaft seal is realized by a low-wear sealing ring + special shaft protection sleeve; the shaft seal has an air seal, which effectively increases the service life of the shaft seal.
6) The transmission device of the Laboratory plastic mixer : AC variable frequency motor drive + belt drive is adopted to transmit the power to the stirring spindle, so as to drive the blades to effectively contact with the material, stirring fully and evenly.
7) Electricity of the Laboratory plastic mixer : PLC+touch screen intelligent control system, power supply device installed in the control cabinet, with electrical components such as main switch protection, contactor and operating status indication.

Technical Parameter

Model Volume Dimension:mm Motor power Speed Blades QTY Weight
HSM-30 30L 2156x703x1305 11Kw 40m/s 3 495Kg
HSM-50 50L 1556x738x1322 15Kw 567Kg
HSM-100 100L 2362x820x1524 22Kw 780Kg

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