MF-500/600/800 Plastic soft PVC granules pulverizing milling machine

MF series plastic pulverizing machine can economically and efficiently grind various thermoplastic materials at room temperature, such as HDPE/MFPE/ LLDPE/ LDPE/ PP/soft PVC/ABS /PA /PC, etc. Produces high-quality powder (free-flowing powder with high bulk density), which is widely used in rotational molding, dip molding and other fields. Compared with output and energy consumption, MF series is the most economical air-cooled mill.

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Technical features of plastic pulverizing machine:
A1: The new grinding disc design of the plastic mill has excellent quality and strong wear resistance, and the life of the grinding disc is twice that of ordinary grinding discs.
A2: The plastic mill adopts imported NSK ball bearings, high speed, long-lasting and durable. At the same time, only one driving motor is used to ensure efficient grinding and collision, which greatly saves the time of machine operation and engineering control.
A3: The installation and maintenance of the plastic mill is easy, just open the door to clean it, and the blade does not stick to the material.
A4: The whole milling process of the plastic mill is sealed, no dust leakage.
A5: Fully automatic design of plastic mill, automatic feeding, discharging, sorting.
A6: The grinding gap adjustment of the plastic pulverizer is simple, just use a feeler gauge and an adjusting bolt to make fine adjustments.
A7: The mill of the plastic pulverizer adopts a water-air dual cooling system.
A8: There are abundant optional accessories for plastic pulverizers, and professional solutions can be formulated according to customers’ budget and processing requirements.

Technical Parameter

Specification MF400 MF500 MF600 MF800
Main Motor 22kw 37kw 45kw 75kw
Blade Diameter Φ400 Φ500 Φ600 Φ800
Draft Fan 3kw 4kw 5.5kw 7.5kw
Rotary Valve 0.75kw 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw
Production output 150kg/h 200kg/h 350kg/h 450kg/h
Dimension 2800*2600*3700mm 3000*2800*3900mm 3200*3000*4200mm 4000*3500*4500mm

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