MF-800 Waste recycle plastic EVA pulverizer milling machine

EVA pulverizer is a new energy-saving, energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. It is suitable for the recovery of rubber and plastic foam scraps such as sponges; such as EVA, SBR, RB, PE, sponge and other rubber and plastic foam scraps.

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Product introduction of EVA pulverizer:
The traditional EVA scrap recycling usually uses a crusher (22kw). It is then kneaded into flakes by a rubber mixer (55kw), with an aging effect of about 100kg (3-4 workers). After high temperature extrusion, it is easy to cause dead material and the recovery rate is greatly reduced. This machine adopts a high-speed, water-cooled integrated grinding wheel, the main motor is 37kw, and the aging time is about 150kg (depending on the material). One worker operates it. The ground powder is fine and elastic, and the mesh number can reach 120 mesh. 12kg of waste is added, while the waste produced by this machine can be added to at least 20kg. As a result, electricity and personnel are greatly saved, the recycling value is improved, and higher profit margins are brought to the enterprise.

Product advantages of EVA pulverizer:
The traditional EVA scrap recycling is through the high temperature and high pressure of the rubber mixing machine. The recycled material is easy to cause dead material and lose the original material. The working temperature of the water-cooled pulverizer is about 60 °C, and the powder produced is fine and elastic. Compared with the traditional method, the plate can be thickened by about 3-5mm. And the density is higher, and there will be no color difference. It can effectively shorten the mixing time and increase the output.

Advantage of EVA pulverizer: 
A1: All the water cycle is used in the technological process, without any waste water and toxic gas discharge;
A2: High-speed grinding (EVA, SBR, RB foaming) soft materials of special materials of gold steel grinding wheel, directly grinding various scraps and wastes into powder, and cooling through water circulation to maintain the original (EVA, SBR, RB foaming) physicality.
The whole set of blades is 60 pieces, which can be repaired 6-8 times, and the consumables are low.
A3: It is convenient to move the knife to adjust the knife, and the accuracy of the knife adjustment is 0.02mm.
A4: The movable knife is adjusted in translation, the parallelism between the movable knife and the fixed knife is 0.1 mm, and the blade has a long service life.
A5: The main shaft is supported by an independent shaft seat, and the service life of the equipment is more than 15 years.
A6: The moving knife, the fixed knife and the bearing pass through ice water, work continuously for 48 hours, the temperature of the equipment can be controlled at 2-8U, the equipment does not heat up, the feeding speed is fast, and the output is doubled.
A7: The temperature of the ground powder is low, and the molecular structure and physical properties of the material are not changed.
A8: The equipment is a fully automatic two-time dust removal device, with no heat, no emissions, no dust, and no odor.
A9: When the equipment is running at high speed, the distance between the two cutter heads can be adjusted to achieve the required fineness.
A10: PLC system and modular equipment can be selected for overall packaging. When intuitive, the material is fed from the left and the powder is discharged from the right, which is clean and neat.

Technical Parameter

odel MF-400 MF-500 MF-600 MF-800
Diameter of milling chamber(mm) 350 500 600 800
Motor power(kw) 22-30 37-45 55 75
Cooling Water cooling + natural cooling
Air Blower power(kw) 3 4 5.5 7.5
Fineness of LDPE power 30 to 100mm  adjustable
Output of pulverizer(kg/h) 100-120 150-200 250-300 400
Dimension (mm) 1800×1600×3800 1900×1700×3900 1900×1500×3000 2300×1900×4100
Weight (kg) 1300 1600 1500 3200

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