PC-400/500/600/800/1000 Vetical powerful plastic crusher for PVC/PE/PP/ABS/PC/PET

PC series strong crusher is mainly suitable for the crushing of waste products of polystyrene, polypropylene, nylon, engineering plastics and PVC foam soft materials, PPR pipes, winding pipes or injection nozzles. The same crusher can replace the screen mesh and adjust the blade gap, and can also crush all kinds of blown film, roll film, PVC/PE sheet, PVC/PE sheet and other plastic waste.

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The performance and structure of PC crusher:
A1: The special blade adopts imported high-quality tool steel. Extremely wear-resistant, the blade can be elastically fixed, and it can be sharpened repeatedly after blunting to achieve service life;
A2: The rotary blade base is designed as stepped and scissor type, so that the cutting force is decomposed and doubled;
A2-1: Claw-type cutter structure with fine welding that have strong force to crush more fast;
A2-2: Fixed and rotary blades complete one set made by SKD-II or D2, can be repeated polished with long lifespan;
A3: The rotary tool holder is made of T7A high-quality tool steel, which is rigid and flexible, durable. It is fixed with high-strength bolts (grade 12.9), and the structure is sturdy and durable;
A4: The body is made of high-grade Q235A steel, which can avoid the impact of long-term operation on mechanical properties;
A5: The spindle core and both end faces are finished with high-precision coordinate boring at one time to ensure that the concentricity and perpendicularity errors are less than 0.05mm. Each part is set up with basic holes and surfaces for roughing and finishing. Interchangeable parts and high precision;
A6: Thicker screen mesh with different pore size that can get uniform flakes


Technical Parameter

Model PC-400 PC-500 PC-600 PC-800 PC-1000
Diameter of rotating blade (mm) 250 250 380 400 650
Quantity of rotating blade 12 12 18 24 24
Speed of rotating blade (mm) 560 560 560 560 560
Quantity of fixed blade 2 2 4 4 4
Diameter of screening sieve hole (mm) φ10 φ10 φ10 φ10 φ10
Capacity (kg/h) 80-100 120-150 250-350 400-500 700-800
Power (kw) 7.5 11 18.5 30 55
Size of the feeding inlet (mm) 260
Weight(kg) 650 650 1200 1500 2000

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