Plastic PE/PP/PPR/PET SJ-120 single screw extruder machine for pipe/sheet/granulator

Plastic PE/PP/PET SJ-120 single screw extruder machine is also known as single-screw extruder; it cannot be used to manufacture plastic products alone. Single screw plastic extruders need to be used with plastic molds or plastic molds. Single screw extruder can be used in PE pipe extrusion production line, PPR pipe production line, PVC garden pipe machine, TPE profile extrusion production line, plastic recycling machine, etc.

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Single screw extruder is different from twin screw extruder, that is, there is only one screw and barrel on the machine, the L/D of single screw plastic extruder is 10:1 to 50:1; we can help you according to your plastic Materials and Requirements Choose the right L/D for a single screw extruder.

Our single screw extruders have higher output than other extruders with the same power consumption. Since we use high torque gearbox and better screw on single screw extruder, we also have our own design on barrel, especially in plastic recycling equipment.

As a professional single screw extruder manufacturer, we can provide our extruders to meet your plastic extrusion production line; we can also provide a complete set of solutions for your new factory, such as plastic pipes, plastic pelletizing lines, etc. .

The main components of a single screw extruder are the gearbox, screw barrel, motor and electrical device; please check these components carefully when you choose the right single screw extruder supplier. You can also consult our engineers for free.

You can also ask our engineers to send a diagram or drawing of the single screw extruder for your reference; we will be glad to receive more detailed information from you after you have selected a suitable single screw extruder.

The working principle of single screw extruder:

A1: Feeding via Hopper – Material is gravity fed.
A2: Melting of raw material – this is due to the high temperature inside its single screw barrel. The rotating screw promotes uniform mixing and conveys the melt material through other temperature zones.
A3: Extrusion of molten material – the molten mixture is extruded from the barrel into the die for molding
A4: Calibration – The extrudate is calibrated to the desired size before cooling.
A5: Cooling and Solidification of the Melt – When the extrudate leaves the die, it must be cooled to maintain its shape. There are different ways to cool hot extrudate, including using air cooling or immersion in cold water.
A6: Structure, Design and Working Principle

Technical Parameter

Product Screw & Barrel Output
SJ-25 Φ25 3kg/h
SJ-30 Φ30 3kg/h
SJ-35 Φ35 20kg/h
SJ-45 Φ45 70kg/h
SJ-60 Φ60 400kg/h
SJ-65 Φ65 150kg/h
SJ-75 Φ75 200-600kg/h
SJ-90 Φ90 400-1000kg/h
SJ-120 Φ120 1100-1400kg/h

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