Plastic recycle single shaft shredder for bottles/block/tube/containe/barrel

plastic single shredder machine can be used to shred hard materials such as plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, electrical components, cables and other solid materials, such as nozzles, plastic heads, PET bottles, cardboard, circuit boards , Wood, fiberglass, glass wool, plastic buckets, etc.

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Structural features of Single shredder:
A1: Plastic single shredder spindle and blade: the spindle is a high-strength solid shaft. The rotor blades have a square design and can be used on all sides. When one side wears out, the other side can be used to extend the life of the blade. The blades are fixed to the shaft in a V-shaped arrangement, and different designs are also available depending on material and custom needs!
A2: The plastic single shredder bearing seat is installed outside the crushing cavity, which can effectively prevent the crushed material particles in the crushing cavity from entering the bearing chamber and improve the bearing life. Set the timing filler
A3: Plastic Single Shredder Hydraulic Pusher System: Automatic hydraulic pusher system that repeatedly pushes the material to the rotating cutter shaft. Automatic reverse rotation and return, easy and safe operation.
A4: Plastic single shredder shock absorber: absorb the vibration generated during the shredding process to make it shred smoothly.
A5: Control system of plastic single shredder: safe and intelligent, adding instantaneous overload stop protection device, the cutter shaft automatically stops and then reverses.

Technical Parameter

Model BS-600 BS-800 BS-1000 BS-1200 BS-1500
Main Motor Power(kw) 30 37 45 55 75
Hydraulic Motor Power(kw) 2.2 3 3 5.5 5.5
Cylinder Stroke(mm) 750 850 900 1000 1000
Rotor Diameter (mm) Φ300 Φ400 Φ400 Φ400 Φ450
Main Shaft Speed(r/min) 83.7 87.5 73.5 73.5 83.3
Screen Mesh(mm) Φ50 Φ50 Φ55 Φ55 Φ55
Rotating Blades(PCS) 26+4 42+4 54+4 66+4 84+4
Fixed Blades(PCS) 4 4 2 2 3
Dimenesion(mm) 2400*1400*1700 2800*1700*1800 2800*2000*1800 2800*2500*1800 2800*3000*2200
Weight(KG) 1650 3000 4000 5000 6000

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