Plastic Shredder Machine Single Shaft Shredding Manufacture with SIEMENS PLC

Plastic single shaft shredder suitable for recycling all kinds of bulk solid materials, refractory materials, plastic containers and barrels, thick-walled PE/PPR pipes, plastic pallets, plastic films, plastic agricultural films, plastic space bags, woven bags, fibers, paper, plastic cards Board, plastic turnover box. This is more convenient for crushing large solid bodies (head material, gate material) or trays, etc.; different feeding hoppers can be designed according to needs.

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The plastic single-shaft shredder is composed of a motor, a hard tooth surface reducer, a rotating knife shaft, a moving knife, a fixed knife, a frame, a machine base, a box, a hydraulic cylinder, an oil pump, a cylinder, and a working platform.

A fixed knife is installed on the frame of the plastic single-shaft shredder, and a removable embedded moving knife is installed on the rotating knife shaft. The number of moving knives depends on different models and the size of the rotating knife shaft. , remove the blunt and replace the angle, until the four sides are blunt and then sharpen the knife, because it is a claw-type movable knife, rotary cutting, and the fixed knife and the movable knife are imported materials, after heat treatment, the hardness reaches HRC60° or more, use Long life, strong cutting ability and high productivity. When the shredder is working, the material is propelled by an oil cylinder to ensure that the material in the silo is fully shredded from multiple angles.

The electrical system of the plastic single-shaft shredder is controlled by microcomputer PLC programming. After the whole process is automated and debugging is completed, the operator only needs to press F1 to automatically start the whole machine, and F2 to automatically stop the whole machine. Save labor costs while ensuring a safe operating environment.

Technical Parameter

Model Motor (kw) Diameter of rotor
Rotating Knife (pcs) Fixed Knife (pcs) Hydraulic Motor power (kw) Weight (kg)
BS-600 22 Φ260 75 26+4 4 2.2 2400
BS-700 30 or 37 Φ280 75 32+4 4 3 3200
BS-800 45 Φ400 75 34+4 4 3 3700
BS-1000 55 Φ400 75 46+4 4 4 4500
BS-1200 75 Φ500 75 68+4 4 5.5 6700
BS-1500 90 0r 110 Φ550 75 84+6 6 7.5 9000
BS-2000 132 or 160 Φ600 75 112+6 8 11kw 13000

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