Plastic soft rigid PVC/WPC/SPC granulator extrusion machine

Plastic granulation machine is suitable for waste materials with high processing performance requirements such as melting, volatilization and filtration. It is mainly used for the recycling and re-granulation of PVC scraps. This PVC plastic granulator is specially designed to recycle recycled washed plastic PVC plastic sheets/scrap such as PVC pipe pieces/scrap, PVC sheets/scrap etc. After feeding, heating, melting, cutting, cooling and other processing processes, the final product is PVC plastic granules/granules, which can produce new PVC plastic products.

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The working process of plastic granulator:
Screw Feeder → High Efficiency Extruder → Non-stop Hydraulic Screen Changer → Cutting → Blower → Storage Hopper → Electric Control Panel

Features of plastic granulator:
A1: Screw Feeder: The first step of the granulation recycling machine, the PVC plastic flakes/wastes are conveyed into the hopper through the screw, the screw is connected to the sensor to detect the material in the hopper, once the flakes are full, the screw will stop; once it is emptied, the screw will stop The feeder will start working.
A2: Extruder: A dedicated single-screw extruder for plasticizing and degassing, for melting pre-compacted materials. The plastic waste is well melted and plasticized in the first-stage extruder, and the plastic is extruded by the second-stage extruder. The dual-zone vacuum degassing system is used to effectively remove volatiles such as low molecules and moisture, and is especially suitable for printing thick films and materials with a certain amount of moisture.
A3: Screw: The screw is made of high-grade tool steel 38 CrMoALA or W6Mo5Cr4V2. The special screw is combined with the European-style rectangular barrel, and the optimal arrangement of the reflux refrigeration channel makes the temperature difference in the D zone smaller.
A4: Bearing: The key bearing adopts imported impregnation and spray lubrication, adopts smoothing process, and strengthens the tooth surface, which can ensure high torque, high precision and low noise. and grinding.
A5: Non-stop hydraulic screen changer: two-stage filtration, the first extruder is pre-filtered, and the second extruder is fine-filtered, reducing the frequency of filter screen replacement. The requirements for filtration technology depend to a large extent on the quality of the input material and the planned use of the particles.
A6: Pelletizing: Equipped with high-speed steel and carbide steel cutting blades with reliable performance. Compact structure reduces maintenance.

Technical Parameter

Model Power
Screw Diameter (mm) Screw Qty. Screw rotation speed(rpm) Designed Output (kg/h) Center Height (mm) Dimension(L*W*H)
SJSZ-55/110 22 Φ55/110 2 34.7 150 1050 3620x1050x2157
SJSZ-65/132 37 Φ65/132 2 34.7 300 1050 3715x1520x2450
SJSZ-80/156 55 Φ80/156 2 34.7 400 1050 4750x1550x2460
SJSZ-92/188 110 Φ92/188 2 34.7 750 1250 6725x1550x2814

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