PVC/PE/PP/PPR/PC/MPP pipe die mould for plastic pipe production line

Application of Plastic pipe mould: solid wall pipe, foamed inner spiral silencer pipe, hollow wall inner spiral pipe, water supply pipe, drain pipe, spiral reinforced pipe, mine pipe, communication pipe (wire and cable);

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Design overview of plastic pipe mould:
The extrusion mold customized by Beisu Machinery is the core part of extrusion, which is directly related to the stability of extrusion production, the quality of extruded products, extrusion production efficiency and the service life of the mold itself.

Overview of PVC two-layer/three-layer composite pipe mould:
A1: PVC two-layer/three-layer sandwich pipe; when three-layer pipe is extruded, the small host extrudes the inner and outer layers, and the large host extrudes the middle layer. The ratio of calcium powder in the inner and outer layers can be adjusted at will. The middle layer can reach up to 350% calcium powder. The ratio of Chinese and foreign three layers can be adjusted arbitrarily;

A2: PVC hollow spiral pipe mold is a multi-purpose mold for inner spiral pipe and solid wall inner spiral pipe: only need to replace the die core mold to produce the following products: PVC hollow inner spiral pipe, PVC hollow inner spiral pipe, PVC solid wall inner spiral Pipes, PVC solid wall and PVC hollow grid pipes;

A3: PVC pipe mold material: made of high-quality mold steel, with a transmission system and a frequency conversion speed regulation device, to meet different production speeds to achieve spiral turns;

Design advantages of PE pipe mould:
A1: The melt flow rate of the PE pipe mold reaches the expected mechanical uniformity and thermal uniformity;

A2: The spiral body of the PE pipe mold can be used in the production of inner, middle and outer pipes, and can also be used for pipes of different pressure levels;

A3: PE pipe mold has low pressure consumption and high output;

A4: The PE pipe mold does not need the mandrel support, so that the flow pattern that often occurs in production disappears;

A5: PE pipe mould has compact structure, reasonable connection and convenient replacement;

A6: The PE pipe mold is made of high-quality mold steel;

A7: PE pipe molds with a diameter of 200 or more are designed with internal heating and constant temperature devices (internal heating and mold temperature machine or internal exhaust);

A8: PE pipe mold runners are chrome-plated and polished so that users can get the best product appearance;

A9: The PE pipe mold is equipped with a mold moving trolley, and the electric 180° flip makes it easier and faster to change the mold specifications;

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