SHR-10/25/50 Labratory plastic mini mixer machine for PVC/PE/PP/Ploymer

The laboratory mini mixer is suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and other engineering plastics, powders, granules, additives, color masterbatches, toners, flame retardants and other industries. It is suitable for granules and powders, powder and Mixing and stirring of powder, powder and auxiliary.

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Features of laboratory mini mixer:
A1: The seal between the container and the lid of the laboratory mixer adopts double bone channel seal, German UKS oil seal;
A2: The container blade of the laboratory mixer adopts a single-layer palm with a large inclination angle, so that the material rises along the inner wall of the container, the mixing speed is fast, and the output is high;
A3: The accurate measurement of the laboratory mixer is a big step. The temperature control contact point is directly in contact with the material to avoid the feeding operation when the material temperature is lower or higher than the set value;
A4: In order to avoid material leakage and improve the quality of the final product, the container of the laboratory mixer adopts the plunger gate and the inner surface of the axial sealing gate and the inner surface of the container with the discharge valve strictly without dead angle;
A5: The top cover of the laboratory mixer has a degassing device to remove water vapor during the heating process
mix and avoid adverse effects on materials;
A6: The laboratory mixer adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to start speed regulation; the motor is controllable to prevent high current from being generated at high start; the power motor has an impact on the power grid and protects the safety of the power grid; realizes automatic speed regulation;

Technical Parameter

Type Total capacity Effective capacity Motor power Heating power Speed Heating method Material discharging Dimension
SHR-5A 5L 3L 1.1kw no 1440rpm Self-friction

By hand

SHR-10A 10L 7L 3kw no 1440rpm 1200*300*830
SHR-25A 25L 17L 5.5kw no 1440rpm 1200*350*850
SHR-50A 50L 35L 7/11kw 3kw 750/1500rpm Electricity heating Pneumatic 2100*700*1100
SHR-100A 100L 75L 14/22kw 6kw 650/1300rpm 2100*800*1500
SHR-200A 200L 150L 30/42kw 6kw 475/950rpm 2400*850*1580
SHR-300A 300L 225L 40/55kw 6kw 475/950rpm 2800*1080*1680
SHR-400A 400L 300L 47/67kw 9kw 430/860rpm 3160*1150*1760
SHR-500A 500L 375L 55/75kw 9kw 430/860rpm 3160*1150*1880
SHR-800A 800L 600L 83/110kw 12kw 370/740rpm 3385*1380*2750
SHR-1000A 1000L 750L 110/160kw 15kw 325/650rpm 3460*1380*2900


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