SHR-1200L Plastic high speed PE PP mixer machine for filling masterbatch granulator

PP(Polyolefin) mixer is commonly used in high-filling masterbatches, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, etc., as functional fillers or mineral modifiers added to polymers, which can increase the durability and rigidity of profiled materials and reduce compounding. cost of materials. It is widely used in wire and cable mixing and extrusion production lines, CaCO3 high-filling masterbatch mixing and granulation production lines, engineering plastics, and modified plastics production lines.

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The structure and characteristics of PP mixer machine:
A1: The stirring motor inverter of the PP mixer starts.
A2: There are 3 heating methods for the high-speed parts of the PP mixer: material self-friction/electric heating/thermal oil heating.
A3: There are 2 ways to discharge the PP mixer: automatic discharge with temperature controller/mixing time control.
A4: The parts of the PP mixer that are in contact with the raw materials are made of stainless steel 304, and are mirror polished.
A5: The barrel cover and three direct connecting rods of the PP mixer are made of cast aluminum.
A6: The bearing chamber of the PP mixer adopts a special design, which can be filled with lubricating oil, NSK imported bearings, and the working life is long.
A7: The driving motor over-current protection design of the PP mixer.
A8: The automatic control of the PP mixer has high requirements and can be equipped with a PLC touch screen control system.
A9: The specially designed stirring shaft design of the PP mixer can avoid the leakage of raw materials from the barrel.
A10: The stirring paddle of the PP mixer has been strictly balanced tested.

Technical Parameter


Rotating Speed
Motor power
Mixing time
SHR-100 100 75 650/1300 14/22 <=10
SHR-200 200 150 475/950 30/42 <=10
SHR-300 300 225 475/950 40/55 <=10
SHR-500 500 375 430/860 55/75 <=10
SHR-800 800 600 357/714 83/110 <=10
SHR-1000 1000 750 325/650 110/160 <=10
SHR-1500 1500 1100 250/500 160/220 <=10

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