SHR-200/500/800L High speed mixing machine for extruder/granulator mix

SHR series high speed mixing machine are especially suitable for mixing hard and soft PVC; WPC (wood-plastic composites PVC/PP/PE and wood powder); thermoplastic resins (PVH, PVA, PC, POM, etc.); masterbatch, auxiliary agent, hot/cold dispersion of powder; pre-stirring of powder coating.

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Structural features of SHR series high speed mixing machine:
A1: There are heating jackets and resistance heating rings on the outer surface of the mixer pot. The temperature is transmitted to the pot body through the high ignition point mechanical oil in the heating jacket, so that the pot body is heated evenly. The temperature of the material in the pot can be controlled by adjusting the heating temperature. The jacket is covered with asbestos insulation.
A2: The lid of the mixer is cast from aluminum alloy, and the inner surface is finished and polished. It lifts the pot cover by the cylinder. After the pot cover is lifted, it can rotate horizontally clockwise along the vertical rotation axis. It rotates briskly and is easy to use. There are holes for adding resin, plasticizer and stabilizer on the cover. Users can arrange it according to their own needs. The center is a ventilation hole.
A3: The mixer deflector is used to enhance the mixing effect. Its deflector angle can make the material roll in the barrel. A temperature measuring thermocouple is installed in the board, the material temperature can be reflected on the indicator and read out, and at the same time, it is used to automatically control the automatic discharge of the discharge port.
A4: The stirring paddle of the mixer is driven by the motor through the belt. There are three stirring paddles on the upper part of the main shaft, they rotate clockwise, so that the material moves along the pot wall on the one hand, and at the same time it turns up and down. In addition to the function of the deflector, the mixing effect is better. Because the material moves at a high speed, the frictional heat between the material particles and the material and the slurry is very large, which makes the material temperature rise rapidly, which not only reduces accordingly. The heating capacity of the pot wall, and it is beneficial to the absorption effect of the resin on the plasticizer. The stirring paddle is made of stainless steel and has been carefully machined for wear and corrosion resistance.
A5: The base of the mixer is welded with steel plates, and there are four lifting rings on it. Inside the base are the transmission belt and two pulleys. Open the plates on both sides to change the belt. There are four anchor bolt holes in the lower part of the seat.
A6: The outlet of the mixer is cast from aluminum alloy. Equipped with a pneumatic discharge gate. The air cylinder and the material gate are directly connected in one line, with reliable pressing, good sealing performance and flexible opening and closing. Use a 0.39-0.49 MPa air compressor (optional by the user). The discharge method can be automatically controlled by the temperature of the material in the pot and manually controlled by the button to control the opening and closing of the discharge door.

Technical Parameter

Model Volume/L Effective volume/L Motor power/kw Rotating speed/rpm Heaing mode Discharging mode
SHR-10 10 7 3 600-3000 Self-friction Manual
SHR-50 50 30 7/11 750/1500 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-100 100 75 14/22 650/1300 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-200 200 150 30/42 475/950 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-300 300 225 42/55 460/920 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-500 500 370 55/75 430/860 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-800 800 500 110 0-740 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-1000 1000 700 160 0-660 Self-friction Pneumatic
SHR-1300 1300 1000 200 0-660 Self-friction Pneumatic

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