SHR-25L High speed master batch Laboratory heating cooling mixer

The laboratory masterbatch mixer is a device specially used in a laboratory environment to mix different types of pigments, additives and other materials according to a certain proportion to make masterbatch. This kind of equipment has important applications in laboratories in plastic processing, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other fields, and can help researchers accurately mix materials for subsequent experiments and analysis.

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Experimental mixer is a kind of experimental equipment widely used in many industries to achieve efficient mixing of various raw materials and materials. Its working principle is usually based on strong shearing action, so that the materials can react quickly and obtain uniform mixing.
Experimental mixers have important applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastic, rubber and other industries.

Structural aspects of laboratory mixer:
A1. Measuring device: Laboratory masterbatch mixers are usually equipped with precise measuring devices, such as electronic weighing systems, to ensure accurate measurement of each color masterbatch. This device not only improves mixing accuracy, but also helps ensure the quality and stability of the final product.
A2. Mixing chamber: The mixing chamber is usually equipped with rotating or static mixers, which can effectively mix the color masterbatch and raw materials together. The design of the mixing chamber also takes into account material fluidity and mixing uniformity to ensure uniform distribution of color masterbatch in the raw materials.
A3. Control system: The control system of laboratory masterbatch mixer usually includes PLC (programmable logic controller) or microcomputer control system, which is used to monitor and regulate the operation of the mixer. These systems can preset mixing proportions, control mixing time, and record operating data to achieve automated and intelligent operations.


Technical Parameter

pe Total capacity Effective capacity Motor power Heating power Speed Heating method Material discharging Dimension
SHR-5A 5L 3L 1.1kw no 1440rpm Self-friction By hand 620*300*730
SHR-10A 10L 7L 3kw no 1440rpm 1200*300*830
SHR-25A 25L 17L 5.5kw no 1440rpm 1200*350*850
SHR-50A 50L 35L 7/11kw 3kw 750/1500rpm Electricity heating Pneumatic 2100*700*1100
SHR-100A 100L 75L 14/22kw 6kw 650/1300rpm 2100*800*1500
SHR-200A 200L 150L 30/42kw 6kw 475/950rpm 2400*850*1580
SHR-300A 300L 225L 40/55kw 6kw 475/950rpm 2800*1080*1680
SHR-400A 400L 300L 47/67kw 9kw 430/860rpm 3160*1150*1760
SHR-500A 500L 375L 55/75kw 9kw 430/860rpm 3160*1150*1880
SHR-800A 800L 600L 83/110kw 12kw 370/740rpm 3385*1380*2750
SHR-1000A 1000L 750L 110/160kw 15kw 325/650rpm 3460*1380*2900

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