SHR-5L/10L/25L Small laboratory Plastic mixer powder machine for university research

The small laboratory plastic mixer is suitable for small batch mixing, coloring, drying of various resins such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, and pre-processing processes for engineering plastics such as ABS and polycarbonate. At the same time, a small laboratory hot and cold mixing unit can be specially customized. After hot mixing and plasticizing, the material is automatically discharged until the cold mixing is cooled, and the residual gas is discharged to avoid agglomeration and enhance the flexibility of the material product.

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The features of small laboratory plastic mixer:
A1. The sealing between the container and the lid adopts double sealing and pneumatic opening; the operation is simple; compared with the traditional single sealing, it has better sealing.
A2. The blade adopts a single-layer palm with a large inclination angle, so that the material rises along the inner wall of the container and falls to achieve the purpose of sufficient cooling, and passes through the cooling jacket.
A3. Guarantee product quality, improve production flexibility, safety and reliability Accurate measurement has taken a big step forward, specially set the temperature and design the point inside the container to cause direct contact with the material, avoiding the material
Run feeding when the material temperature is lower or higher than the set temperature.
A4. In order to avoid material leakage and improve the quality of the final product, the unloading valve adopts a plunger gate and the inner surface of the axial sealing gate and the inner wall of the container are strictly without dead angle.
A5. The top cover has a degassing device, which can eliminate water vapor mixing during heating and avoid adverse effects on materials.
A6. Using frequency conversion speed regulation, the power of the start-up speed-regulation motor is controllable. It prevents the high-current power motor generated during high start-up from impacting the power grid, protects the power grid for driving safety, and realizes speed control.

Technical Parameter

Type Volume (L) Effective

Volume (L)

Mixing time


Rotate speed






SHR-5A 5 3 6-8 1500 1.1 10
SHR-10A 10 7 6-8 1500 3 20
SHR-25A 25 20 6-8 1500 5.5 50
SHR-50A 50 35 6-10 750/1500 7/11 100
SHR-100A 100 75 6-10 650/1300 14/22 200
SHR-200A 200 150 6-10 475/950 30/42 400
SHR-300A 300 225 6-10 430/860 40/55 500
SHR-500A 500 375 8-12 330/660 55/75 800
SHR-800A 800 520 8-12 395/790 83/110 1400
SHR-1000A 1000 650 8-14 330/660 90/132 1600
SHR-1300A 1300 850 8-14 330/660 132/200 2100

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