SHR-BS-200/300/500 High-speed mixer lithium battery and sodium battery production line

High-speed mixer lithium battery and sodium battery production line lithium battery positive electrode materials (ternary, lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate). Lithium battery negative electrode materials (silicon carbon negative electrode, graphite negative electrode grade) sodium-ion battery materials and chemical raw materials for precise metering and mixing.

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Main component of High-speed mixer lithium battery and sodium battery production line:
The high-efficiency variable frequency lithium-electric mixer is mainly composed of a frame, a pot body (deflector), a discharging tee, a pot cover, a stirring blade, a spindle, a pot base, a transmission device and an electrical part.
A1. Rack:
The rack is welded with high-quality carbon steel to ensure that the rack is flat, safe and reliable.
A2. Mixing pot body:
The pot body adopts a sandwich design for heat insulation or cooling liquid in the interlayer, and is equipped with temperature measurement points; a reinforced structure is used at the bottom of the pot body that is easy to wear, and the stainless steel inner wall of the pot body is sprayed with tungsten carbide. In order to achieve faster and better dispersion of raw materials, the pot body is equipped with deflectors to ensure the effective flow of mixed raw materials.
A3. Discharging tee device:
The mixture outlet of the pot body is placed on the bottom of the pot, which facilitates the rapid and effective discharge of the mixer. The curvature design of the bottom of the pot avoids a large amount of mixture retention. The outlet plug adopts arc surface processing technology to accurately close according to the curvature shape of the pot bottom. at the bottom of the pot. The discharge port plug moves along the axial linear plunger type.
A4. Pot lid:
The pot lid is designed to open and close with a side top that rotates around a vertical axis. The side top is mainly raised by pneumatic assistance and is protected by a limit switch to prevent the motor from restarting when the pot lid is opened. There is a gap-free sealing ring between the pot lid and the pot body to prevent material leakage.
A5. Mixing paddle:
The propellers are multi-layered and assembled, made of stainless steel 304, with the surface area sprayed with tungsten carbide, which is highly hard and wear-resistant.
A6. Mixing spindle:
The main shaft adopts a long-axis design, which facilitates the installation of multiple different blades. The shaft is sealed by a low-wear sealing ring + a special shaft protective sleeve; the shaft seal is equipped with an air seal, which effectively increases the service life of the shaft seal.
A7: Electrical:
It adopts PLC + touch screen intelligent control system, and the control cabinet is equipped with a power supply device, with electrical components such as main switch protection, contactor and operating status indication.

Technical Parameter

Model Capacity (kg/batch) Effective volume (L) Motor power (KW) Rotary speed (RPM)
SHR-BS-10 10 7 3 2000


25 35 15 1500


35 75 30 1300


75 150 55 950


120 225 75 950


200 375 90 860


350 560 132 740


450 700 200 600


1000 1400 355 500

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