Single shaft plastic shredder for waste plastics recycle crusher plant

SIngle shaft plastic shredder is a professional environmental protection equipment for shredding, crushing and pulverizing waste materials, which is convenient for later processing and recycling; its function is to shred and recycle, and reduce the volume to facilitate processing and transportation. It is used to shred various soft and hard plastic products, which is beneficial to plastic recycling. For example: mineral water bottles, PET bottles, oil bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic barrels, etc.

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Single shaft plastic shredder is suitable for shredding materials with strong winding properties, allowing a small amount of light and thin metal objects in the material; the use and maintenance costs of the tool are low; under the same power, it can be used with double-shaft shredders, three-shaft shredders, and four-shaft shredders. The price is relatively low; it is convenient to replace the tool;

The structure of single shaft plastic shredder:
The single-shaft shredder is mainly composed of a blade spindle, a fixed knife, a carrying box, a box bracket, a feeding system, a hydraulic pushing system, a power system, and an electrical control system.

A1: The feeding specification is 7-100mm adjustable, and the single-machine version has a maximum working capacity of 50t/h:
The unique CNC blade design scheme, the diameter of the stainless steel screen can be customized, taking into account the specifications and production volume regulations of the customer’s production and processing of finer raw materials.

A2: Intelligent maintenance, convenient and quick disassembly:
The invention patent of GEP intelligent system, automatic lubrication, intelligent detection, abnormal alarm, automatic maintenance system software for objects that cannot be crushed. The combined motor rotor can be disassembled and replaced separately.

A3: Excellent technology and high-end design:
Excellent fastening technology, low repair rate; tool materials imported from Europe, long service life; equipped with PLC touch screen, high-end electrical components, and stronger partition planning.

A4: Safe and reliable:
Imported bearings and various sealing technologies are selected, and key raw materials have been quenched and tempered several times and processed with high precision, which can be trusted.
The plastic block shredder has high shredding efficiency and long service life. The two-shaft plastic shredder is strong and durable, considering the requirements of different customer production volumes.

Technical Parameter

Model BS-600A BS-800A BS-1000A BS-1200A BS-1500A
Dimension L*W*H(mm) 2455×1478×1700 2825×1747×1875 2825×2004×1875 2825×2564×1875 2825×2964×1935
Cutting Chamber C/D(mm) 1200×600 1410×800 1410×1000 1410×1200 1410×1500
Main Power(kw)  15-22  30-45  37-55  55-90  75-132
 Hydraulic Power(kw)  2.2  3  4  5.5  5.5
 Shredding Diameter(mm)  320  400  400  400  480
 Shredding Rotor Length(mm)  600  800  1000  1200  1500
Rotating&Fixing Blades QTY(psc)  32+2×2  38+2×2  58+2×2  95+2×3  110+2×3
 End Plastic Scraps Size(mm)  30-50  30-50  30-50  30-50  30-50

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