SJ-90/33 Single screw plastic extruder making machine for Pipe/sheet/board/film/granulation

Single screw plastic extruder making machine is the main extruder of the whole production line, which can be combined with various side extruders or machines to process various materials to produce different products, such as materials PVC pelletizer, PP, PE, ABS, PPR and other thermoplastic materials, It can be processed into pipes, rods, films, silks, cables, etc.

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(1) Screw
It is a key component for the transportation and plasticization of plastics. Because of its rotation, the plastic is pushed forward to achieve the purpose of compaction, melting and mixing. The thread is composed of different functional sections to achieve better conveying, compaction, mixing, plasticizing effect and high output. The screw material is made of high-quality nitrided steel (38CrMoALA), finished by nitriding and fine grinding. It has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance and long service life.
(2) head flange joint
It is a part of the joint head and the barrel, which is heated by a heating ring to prevent the cooling of the molten plastic.
(3) Transmission system
The transmission system is to rotate the screw evenly with the necessary torque under the selected process conditions to complete the plasticization and transportation of the plastic to the screw. In order to meet the production requirements of various specifications of plastic products, the screw should have different rotation speeds. The machine adopts the variable frequency motor to directly drive the gear box through the coupling, and adopts the governor to realize the speed regulation, so that the screw speed can be smoothly steplessly regulated within the speed regulation range, and the screw speed can be directly read by the tachometer on the control panel. It can also be read directly on the governor.

Technical Parameter

Extruder Capacity
SJ-65/33 100-150 100
SJ-65/33 150-200 130
SJ-65/33 200-250 145
SJ-75/33 250-350 210
SJ-75/33 250-350 260
SJ-90/33 450-550 380
SJ-120/33 700-900 530
Extruder Capacity(kg/h) Power(kW)
SJ-60×40 360 150
SJ-75×38 600 230
SJ-90×38 900 450
SJ-120×38 1300 630
SJ-120×38 1200 680
SJ-120×38 1400 815
SJ-120×38 1400 930
SJ-150×38 1900 1200
Extruder Capacity
SJ-120/38 1000-1300 600
SJ-120/38 1000-1300 650
SJ-90/38 1000-1500 960
SJ-120/38 1000-1700 1300
SJ-150/38 1500-2000 1400
SJ-150/38 2000-3500 1550
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