SMF-400/500/600/800/1000 Recycling plastic SPC floor pulverizer machine with rotor and fixed blade

Recycling plastic pulverizer machine are mainly designed for grinding PVC/SPC/WPC. The shredder uses a turbine blade. The static and rotary knives are adjustable, and a single grinder can obtain waste and recycled powders of different particle sizes. A plastic pulverizer can be used for low to medium hardness PVC/SPC/WPC for pipes/profiles/films/bottles/cards.

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The structure of Plastic SPC pulverizer machine:
The plastic pulverizer is mainly composed of electric motor, disc blade, feeding fan, vibrating screen, dust removal system, etc. According to the needs of customers, some accessories can be selected, such as converter, vacuum feeder, screw feeder, magnetic mesh, metal separator, chiller, pulse dust collector, weighing and packaging machine, etc.

The working principle of Plastic SPC pulverizer machine:
The two ends of the main structure of the machine are equipped with rolling bearings to support the main shaft, and the motor drives the main shaft and the turbine fastened on the main shaft to rotate at a high speed through the belt drive. The grinding blocks on the turbine and the screen ring form a reasonable and compact structure. They are the raw materials entering the machine. In the rotating airflow, the friction and the impact of the airflow occur on the inner edge of the turbine blades, and between the blades and the grinding blocks. In the gap between them, grinding is carried out again. During this process, the turbine sucks in a large amount of air, which serves the purpose of cooling the abrasive of the machine and conveying the fine powder. The actual fineness of pulverization also depends on the predetermined material, the shape and size of the sieve hole, and the throughput of material and air.

Features of plastic SPC pulverizer machine:
A1: After finishing machining, the CNC machining center is processed into different material requirements, and its shapes are; The material is fine, the output is high, the current is small, the energy consumption is low, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the vibration is small;
A2: The main shaft transmission parts use Japanese NSK bearings and European pulleys, which are easy to disassemble and maintain. According to the requirements of the material grinding mesh, it is equipped with a 10-120 mesh screen. There are elastic balls in the vibrating screen. Blocking material
A3: The bearing seat adopts the patented design scheme, and the type and quantity of the installed bearings are also different according to the different materials.
A4: The gap between the movable knife and the fixed knife of the grinding disc adopts a new adjustment method of the grinding disc gap. The adjustment of the grinding gap is simple and easy, just use a feeler gauge and adjusting bolts. The new type is simple and easy to control the powder size.
A5: The main engine is equipped with air and water circulating cooling system. It reduces the working temperature in the body very well, and the ground material is not easy to change color.
A6: Fully automatic dust collector, equipped with 9 independent filter elements, the maximum filter area is up to 72, which greatly reduces dust pollution,

Technical Parameter

Model SMF-300 SMF-400 SMF-500 SMF-600 SMF-800
Diameter of powder chamber (mm) 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 800mm
Motor power 11 30 37 55 75
Type of cooling water water water water water
Number of rotor 1set 1set 1set 1set 1set
Vibrating screen model 300 400 500 600 800
Output(kg) 50-120 120-250 150-300 300-500 350-650
Fineness(mo) 20-50 20-50 20-50 20-50 20-50

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