SMF-600/800/1000 Turbo plastic PVC Pulveriser milling machine for papers/films/scraps

Plastic pvc pulveriser milling machine is mainly used to recycle the pulverized PVC materials such as PVC pipes, PVC profiles, PVC ceiling panels, PVC foam boards, etc., pulverize the PVC into powder, and mix it with new materials for reuse. The final powder particle size is 30-80 mesh, which can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

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The basic principle of the pulverizer is that the cutter head is driven by a spindle equipped with precision bearings. Driven by the cutter head, the moving knife rotates at a high speed and is tangent to the fixed knife, resulting in a strong collision with the incoming material. , ground into powder, and the combination of wind and water cooling can effectively control the pulverization temperature of the material to ensure that the quality of the material does not change after pulverization. The machine is equipped with automatic feeding, discharging and automatic screening back grinding system, which greatly reduces the labor intensity. The whole milling process is completely closed, and there is no dust leakage. When changing materials and cleaning, only open the door cover for maintenance. The main engine is started by a new triangle mode, which greatly reduces the current when the motor is started.

The cost of the pulverizer is mainly composed of the main engine, the blower, the CHAO fineness analyzer, the finished cyclone powder collector, the bag filter and the connecting air duct. The company can also choose elevators, storage bins, etc. according to customer needs. to meet customer needs. Electric control cabinet, powder feeder, crusher and other auxiliary equipment. In the grinding chamber, the grinding roller assembly is suspended on the grinding roller hanger through the horizontal arm shaft. The grinding roller hanger is fixedly connected with the main shaft and the tool rest. The pressure spring is tightly pressed by the pull rod outside the cantilever of the bearing chamber of the grinding roller. Finally, with the axis of the cross arm as the fulcrum, the grinding roller is tightly pressed against the inner surface of the grinding ring by the spring pressure. When the motor rotates through the transmission device, the bucket installed on the shovel frame rotates synchronously with the grinding roller. , the grinding roller rotates around itself while rolling on the inner surface of the grinding ring, the analyzer drives the analyzer impeller to rotate through the motor transmission device, and the rotation speed of the analyzer determines the fineness of the powder.

Features of pvc plastic shredder:
1) Brand new design of blades. The new moving blade material is alloy steel. They are machined on a CNC center and are accurate to size. And these knives are heat-treated, high-frequency quenched, wear-resistant, and have a long life.
2) You only need to replace the blade, no need to replace the blade holder.
3) Air-cooled by water circulation, which can be used for the processing of heat-sensitive materials.
4) With the swinging tail airflow (partial eddy current) generated by the swing tail of the main shaft winch of the machine, the input swing tail material strongly collides with the plate and the cutting blade, and is ground into powder (without screening).
5) The structure is tight and the machine volume is small. If you open the door closed, you can maintain it. It is completely sealed without any dust leakage.
6) It has a rewinding and reclaiming device, which has the characteristics of uniform cooling material and fast cooling.

Technical Parameter





Motor power(kw)


37 55 75
Blad disk diameter(mm)





Rotary blades(PCS)




Finial powder size 10-60 mesh 10-60 mesh 10-60 mesh 10-60 mesh





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