SMF-600 Turbo pulverizer PVC scraps rotor pulverizing machine

Plastic pulverizer is mainly used for plastic powder with different molecular structure, such as PVC/WPC/SPC pipe, sheet, plate, profile, stone-plastic floor, wallboard, trunking, wallpaper, etc. Fully automatic discharging function, automatic grinding function, automatic screening function, automatic return screening function and dust removal system are a complete set of plastic grinding equipment.

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The main machine of the plastic pulverizer has a wind-water circulation cooling system, an automatic feeding device, and a dust removal device. The machine has a high degree of automation, good effect, and significantly reduced labor intensity.

Features of Rotor plastic pulverizer:
A1: Save energy consumption.
A2: Environmental protection: The machine adopts a fully enclosed structure, and there is no dust spillage. The outlet of the dust collector is filtered again to effectively reduce dust pollution.
A3: Easy maintenance: the door cover of the main machine can be opened, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of blades and tooth plates.
A4: Long blade life: The blade is made of high-quality alloy steel, and the blade can rotate 180° for a long time. The blade can continue to be used after tightening (four consecutive uses).
A5: Vibration feeding device: The machine continuously sucks material at high speed by adapting to the electromagnet. This equipment is used to adjust the feeding amount, avoiding the control problem of the valve feeding device.

Technical Parameter

Model: SMF-500 SMF-600 SMF-800 SMF-1000
Capacity:kg 120-150 180-250 350-550 600-1000
Rotating speed:rpm 3800 3800 3800 3200
Number of grinding discs: 2 2 2 2
Host power: 22-30 37-45 45-55 75
Fan power: 3 3 5.5-7.5 7.5-11
Screening power: 0.75 0.75 0.75-1.1 0.75-1.1
Size:mm 2300*1050*2600 3200*1250*2700 4700*1300*2900 5900*2050*2900
Weight:kg 1500 2000 3650 5500

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