SMF-800 Plastic pulverizer milling machine manufacturer for PVC WPC SPC recyling plant

Plastic pulverizer machine is especially suitable for powder processing of materials such as PVC, PVC pipes, PVC/SPC/WPC plastic-steel profiles, PVC/SPC/WPC sheets, PVC/SPC/WPC gussets, etc. The recycled PVC powder is added 20-30% in the processing formula, and the PVC powder recovered by the plastic mill can reach the fineness of 40-60 mesh; the physical properties of the final product remain unchanged.

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Features of pulverizer machine:
A1: The high-speed rotation of the spindle cutter/cutter of the mill produces a high-speed rotating airflow (local eddy current), which is caused by the high-speed movement of the incoming material and the cutter/cutter strongly collide and cut into powder.
A2: The water circulation and air cooling adopted by the pulverizer are suitable for the processing of heat-sensitive plastic materials.
A3: The cutter disc/grinding disc of the mill is professionally designed, using high wear-resistant toughness material and high-density wear-resistant steel casting process, with good wear resistance.
A4: The pulverizer adopts air feeding and discharging device to ensure uniform cooling of materials and fast cooling speed.
A5: The pulverizer is compact in structure and small in size. It can be maintained and maintained just by opening the door cover.
A6: The mill is equipped with an automatic feeding machine, which can control the feeding amount of materials, and the dust removal device reduces dust. It can realize automatic feeding, feeding, measuring and packaging, saving manpower.
A7: The overall design of the pulverizer makes the output 20%-50% higher than the original, and the number of meshes can be adjusted between 10-100 meshes.


Technical Parameter

Modle Motor Power
Fan motor power
Vibrator motor power
SSMF-500 37-45 3 0.55 100-300 3500X1300X3700 1600
SSMF-600 45-55 5.5 0.75 200-500 3700x1450x3700 1800
SSMF-700 55-75 7.5 0.75 260-600 4100x1600x3800 2000
SSMF-800 75-90 7.5 0.75 300-700 4300x1700x4000 3200
SSMF-1000 90-110 11 1.1 400-900 5000x2000x4300 3600

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