SMW-500/600/800 Plastic PVC pulverizer rotary fixed blades with rotor chamber

The blade chamber of the plastic pulverizer is mainly composed of a movable knife and a fixed knife. The high-quality alloy steel material ensures the quality of the grinding powder, and the hardness of the alloy steel reaches 63. For grinding PVC materials with a high calcium carbonate content, very durable and extremely productive.

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BEISU specializes in customizing various styles of SMW-400, 500, 600, 800 PVC plastic pulverizers, including 500 pulverizer cutter head, 600 pulverizer motor knife, 800 pulverizer fixed knife and pulverizer rotor. The structure of the plastic pulverizer also includes a knife grinder, a fixed knife, a moving knife, a gear plate, a screen, a bearing seat, an induced draft fan, an air lock, a discharge system, a vibrating screen, a main shaft, a bearing, a special oil seal for the mill, and an inlet. Barrels and other accessories.

Structure of plastic pulverizer balde:

A1: The blades of the plastic mill mainly include movable knives and fixed knives. The main specifications of the movable knives are: length 169-170mm, width 45mm, thickness 10-12mm.

A2: The fixed knife of the plastic mill is also called the toothed disc, which is fixed on the inner wall of the mill. The material of the fixed knife of the plastic mill is very important, and the quality of the material directly determines the level of output. The better materials are high-quality alloy steel and high-speed wear-resistant steel, and the output of a single set can reach more than 100 tons.

Technical Parameter

Machine Model
Blade Quantity
18 pieces ,6 pieces
24 pieces,13 pieces
26 pieces, 14 pieces
40 pieces, 20 pieces
42 pieces,22 pieces

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