SMW-800 Plastic powder PVC grinding milling machine with moving and fixed blades

Plastic powder PVC grinding mill is a special grinding equipment, mainly used to grind PVC, SPC, and WPC materials into fine powder for processing and application in subsequent processes. It is widely used in plastic processing, chemical industry, building materials and other industries. It is often used in PVC pipes, PVC flooring, PVC wallpaper, SPC stone plastic wall panels, SPC stone plastic flooring, WPC building templates, WPC wood plastic panels, plastic films and other plastic products. in production. The plastic grinding machine can crush PVC materials into low-viscosity fine powder, which can be more conveniently processed and applied in subsequent manufacturing processes such as extrusion, film blowing, and calendering.

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The structure of PVC grinding milling machine mainly includes the following parts:
A1. Main machine: The main machine is the core part of the grinding mill. It mainly consists of the spindle, cutterhead, fixed knife, machine body, etc. The spindle drives the cutterhead to rotate at high speed, and the fixed knife and the movable knife are tangential. The material is subject to strong collision and grinding between the two knives, and is crushed into fine powder.
A2. Wind conveying system: This system is mainly responsible for conveying the crushed materials to the next process or collecting them. It includes fans, pipes, cyclones, dust collectors and other components, which can effectively transport powder to designated locations and remove impurities and dust.
A3. Cooling system: In order to ensure that the material will not deteriorate due to high temperature during the grinding process, the equipment is equipped with a cooling system. This system uses water or other cooling media to reduce the temperature of the grinding chamber to ensure the quality of the materials.
A4. Electrical control system: The electrical control system is the control center of the entire mill. It is responsible for controlling the start, stop, operation and other operations of the mill. It monitors the operating status of the grinding mill through sensors, controllers and other equipment, and controls the working status of each component to ensure that the grinding mill can operate efficiently and safely.
A5. Feeding system: The feeding system is responsible for adding the materials to be ground into the grinding mill. The system can be equipped with automatic or manual feeding devices as needed to facilitate the addition and adjustment of materials.
The structural design and manufacturing of PVC mills need to take into account many factors, such as material characteristics, crushing efficiency, energy consumption, noise, safety, etc. Therefore, choosing a suitable PVC mill structure is crucial to producing high-quality PVC fine powder.

Technical Parameter

Model SMW-400 SMW-500 SMW-600 SMW-800 SMW-1000
Diameter of milling chamber(mm) 350 500 600 800 1000
Motor power
22-30 37-45 55 75/90 110
Cooling Water cooling + natural cooling
Air Blower power(kw) 3 4 5.5 7.5 11
Fineness of powder 10 to 80 mesh (adjustable)
Output of pulverizer(kg/h) 100-120 150-200 250-300 400 500-800
Dimension (mm) 1800×1600
Weight (kg) 1300 1600 1500 3200 3600

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