Soft rigid Plastic PVC granulator pelletizing conical twin screw extruder machine

Soft rigid PVC granules pelletizing conical twin screw extruder machine is mainly used to produce CPVC granules, PVC granules, soft PVC granules and transparent PVC granules. The PVC mixing and granulating line adopts advanced design concept to ensure efficient extrusion of PVC materials, combined with unique plasticizing screw design concept to ensure uniform extrusion of plastics and high-capacity production.

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The granulator consists of a conical twin-screw extruder and corresponding downstream equipment for granulation, and is suitable for granulation of PVC, PE raw materials and wood flour or other additives. The particles produced by this machine are uniform, firm and beautiful. The downstream equipment of pelletizing is die face cutting machine, air supply device, vibration separation and cooling device. The granulation downstream equipment has the characteristics of high degree of automation and high production efficiency.

Soft and hard conical twin-screw extruder is the main processing machine for PVC powder, with different molds and downstream equipment; plastic extruder can produce pipes, profiles, plate sheets and pelletizing. Specially designed gearboxes, distributors and reinforced thrust bearings for high torque transmission and long running time. Electrical control system: Siemens PLC/PCC automatic control system or RKC temperature control, ABB inverter/sensor, Siemens contactor, various alarm systems.

Process flow:
Raw material+ additive → Mixing → Conveying feeding → Force feeding → Conical twin screw extruder → Blowing hot-cutting mould → Cyclone separator → Vibrating screener → Blowing system → Storage hopper → Finished product packing

Components of PVC granulator extruder:
A1: Conical twin-screw extruder: It adopts high-efficiency conical twin-screw specially designed for PVC powder to ensure uniform plasticization and high extrusion volume. A stable temperature control system can ensure high quality pipe extrusion. For CPVC material, the extruder adopts hollow screw, and the twin screw has oil temperature control system.
A2: Extrusion Die: Special die for PVC and CPVC materials to ensure extrusion pressure.
A3: Granulator: with hot die face knife. The pelletizer adopts 4P motor to ensure the pelletizing speed. The granulation speed is controlled by the frequency converter
A4: Air supply system: two-stage air supply system. The particles are cooled during air transport.
A5: Vibrator: sieve the right size particles according to the size.

Technical Parameter

Model SJSZ45/90 SJSZ51/105 SJSZ55/113 SJSZ65/132 SJSZ80/156 SJSZ92/188
Power of drive motor(mm) 15 18.5 22 37 55 110
Screw diameter(mm) 45/90 51/105 55/110 65/132 80/156 92/188
NO. of screw 2 2 2 2 2 2
Rotational speed 45 40 38 38 37 36
Torsional moment of screw (nm) 3148 6000 7000 10000 14000 32000
Capacity pvc , powder (kg/h) 70 100 150 250 400 750
Central height(mm) 1000 1000 1000 1000 1100 1200
diamentions 3360*1290*2127 3360*1290*2127 3620*1050*2157 3715*1520*2450 4750*1550*2460 6725*1850*2460

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