Turbo Plastic mixer for PVC ceiling panel/door/flooring/board

The turbo plastic mixer is used to mix the polydispersed system composed of PVC/SPC/WPC resin, stabilizer, modifier, filler, colorant and other auxiliary agents for molding. The main purpose of mixing is to mix the raw materials to make them evenly distributed to form a dry mix with high apparent density, good fluidity, dryness and looseness. Dry blends have high homogeneity, which is determined by the characteristics of extrusion processing equipment; mixing and dispersion are generally performed and completed simultaneously. Mechanical action such as pulverization and grinding can continuously reduce the particle size of the particles to be mixed, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform dispersion.

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The structure of turbo plastic mixer is divided into hot mixing and cold mixing:

Hot mixing refers to the blending process in which the mixture is heated above the softening temperature. In the process of hot mixing, there is not only a relative change in the spatial position of each component, but also a process in which the particles are first broken, and the particle size decreases and then gradually increases. Therefore, hot mixing is dispersive mixing.
The hot mixing of PVC dry mix should be carried out in strict accordance with the reasonable feeding sequence, feeding amount, mixing time and mixing temperature to ensure the quality of the dry mix. Under the action of high-speed shearing, various raw material particles are scattered, gradually refined, the surface energy increases sharply, and re-adsorbs on the surface of PVC, so that the particle size of PVC particles gradually increases, and the material obtains better preliminary gelation and dispersion. Effect.
Hot mixing can make the dry mix obtain a larger apparent density, enhance its flow ability, facilitate its transportation, and improve extrusion efficiency.

After the cold-mixed material reaches the set temperature in the hot-mixed pot, it is quickly put into the cold-mixed pot, and fully dispersed and cooled under the action of the slow stirring of the agitator and the cooling circulation system outside the cold-mixed pot. mix.
The volume of the cold mixing pot is at least 2 times that of the hot mixing pot, which is beneficial to the cooling of the hot mixture. The cooling water temperature of the cold mixing tank is usually controlled at 13-15°.

high-speed mixing unit is widely used to compound PVC resin with some other materials in the industry of PVC ceiling panel/door/flooring/board extrusion machine/PVC pelletizing/granulating machine and so on.

Technical Parameter

Model RF-SRL-Z100/200 SRL-Z200/500 SRL-Z300/600 SRL-Z500/1000 SRL-Z800/1600
Total volume (L) 100/200 200/500 300/600 500/1000 800/1600
Effective Volume (L) 65/130 150/320 200/360 375/650 600/1024
Rotating Speed (RPM) 650/1300-180 475/950-87 475/950-87 430/860-60 357/714-50
Mixing time (Min.) 8-10 8-10 8-12 8-10 8-12
Motor power (KW) 14/22-7.5 30/42/11 40/55/11 55/75/15 83/110/22
Overall dimension(mm) 2500*2000*2200 4580*2240*2470 4800*2640*2480 5600*3000*3100 6230*4230*4480
Weight(kg) 2500 3600 4500 5800 8300

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