Waste plastic recycling crusher machine for buckets/blocks/bags/films/bottles

Waste plastic crusher granulator is widely used in the shredding of various solid wastes, such as injection molded parts, waste plastic films, sheets, bottles, wires, cables, woven bags, etc.; plastics of various materials and shapes The crushing and recycling of products, such as large plastic buckets, baskets, home appliance shells, car bumpers and other common waste plastic products, are quickly decomposed into small, uniform fragments, which are called “regrinds” or “flakes”. In some cases, this may be the only step required before it can be reused to make new plastic products. In most cases, recycling plastics requires more processing in terms of sorting and separation, size reduction, washing and pelletizing.

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Structure of waste plastic crusher/granulator:
In a plastic shredder, the cutting knife is mounted on a high-speed rotating rotor driven by an electric motor. The rotor is housed in a cutting chamber where stationary knives are mounted. When plastic waste enters this cutting chamber, the rotating knives come into contact with the stationary knives, cutting the plastic into small pieces. A large screen with many holes is placed at the bottom. The plastic will continue to mix and be cut by the knife until it’s small enough to fall through the mesh. So, by adjusting the size of the hole, you can control the size of the output.

Features and functions of waste plastic crusher granulator:
A1: The frame is made of solid square tube steel.
A2: The shaft is quenched with 45# steel.
A3: The cavity is made of 35mm thick solid steel.
A4: The screen is made of 10mm thick steel, which is durable.
A5: Easy disassembly design, turn the side lever to lift the cavity (manual/automatic optional), no need to disassemble the entire cavity, easy to clean and maintain, and easy to replace the blade.
A6: The bearing seat is installed outside the crushing chamber, no dirt enters, and the service life is prolonged.
A7: The upper cavity of the machine is higher, covered by the belt, and no flakes are ejected.
A8: The blade adopts SKD-II, a well-known Japanese brand, with first-class quality.
A9: Wet crushing inlet, reducing the temperature caused by high-speed rotating blades, further extending blade life
A10: The specially designed V-shaped cutter structure for plastic film ensures high capacity and good performance.

Technical Parameter

Model Power
Fixed blades(pc) Rotary blades(pc) Rotary Speed(rpm) Screen diameter(mm) Output(kg/h) Dimesions(mm)
PC-400 7.5 2 5 380 10 100-150 900*780*1400
PC-500 11 2 15 420 12 200-250 1100*880*1600
PC-600 15/18.5 4 18 500 14 300-350 1400*1300*2450
PC-700 22/30 4 21 530 14 450-500 1500*1400*2450
PC-800 30/37 4 24 570 14 500-700 1550*1550*2500
PC-900 37/45 4 27 570 16 700-800 1700*1680*2800
PC-1000 45/55 4 30 670 18 800-1000 1800*1760*2800


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